14 February 2008

"Love is in the air, every sight and every sound..."


Ok, despite feeling that V-day is too commercialised and that celebrating your love at the same time as others is utterly unromantic, I have to admit that all this talk of love is rubbing off on me.

Once again, the halls of Sunway is filled with a flurry of activities. Walking through the corridors is just a blur of pinks and reds, while your nose is tickled by the pervasive scent of roses.

The students attack you like starving street peddlers honing in on tourists on the streets of Hanoi. Ok, I'm exaggerating. They're not pushy, but there ARE hordes of them. Students from different programmes are selling something or other.

Luckily, it's also Chinese New Year now. Guess where the ang pow money is going to?

This has gotta be the most interesting 'product' though. Speed dating service!

Wah, for RM5 only can meet hot chicks. I'm a girl, so only hafta pay RM3 to meet guys! So worth it! Better than an MNG or ZARA sale :-p

3 minutes to charm each person (of the opposite sex, duh...but I don't discriminate. To each his/her own as long as doesn't cause harm to others) on the floor.

The friendly florist (I think he's a student in ADTP) hanging around in case anyone needed 'ammo'.

In the beginning, they looked everywhere else but at each other. Aww, so cute.

Then they got bolder...

Watch as the male moves in for the kill. He spots his prey:

Moves forward with caution while extending his hand...

He leans forward and smiles...

Pretends he can't hear clearly and leans closer...

He then uses the brilliant pick-up line that he'd been working on for days...

A tense moment follows where he thinks she's either going to slap him or ask him to sit down...

The result is....SUCCESS!

Were there any beautiful romances successfully launched? I'm keeping my fingers crossed :-)

13 February 2008