19 December 2008

A Flame of Hope Burns for Community Scholars

The Sunway University College (Sunway) Tun Omar Ong Yoke Lin community scholarships are a lifeline for the needy. These scholarships for study at Sunway are reserved specially for those who come from charitable Homes or the financially disadvantaged community. There are 38 community scholars, past and present, and Sunway keeps in close contact with all of them through various activities. During a lunch get-together recently, there were a few who shared their thoughts on being community scholars.

Matthew Sheu is from Rumah KIDS in Klang and is currently pursuing a Diploma in Information Engineering. He shared “I feel most privileged to be supported by Sunway through this scholarship”. Matthew has one sister and is very close to his mum who works at Nanyang Press, whom he sees twice a week. Matthew plans to be a Network Engineer.

Nanthini A/P Ramras who hails from Bahau, Negri Sembilan is pursuing the Certified Accounting Technician (CAT), lives with mum and four siblings. Nanthini shared, “I feel very thankful and very happy to be receiving this scholarship. I now have a specific goal in life”. Nanthini would like to pursue the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) qualification after CAT.

Azerena Nediba A/P Zainal Abidin is grateful to be studying a Diploma in Hotel Management and does not have to burden her family. Azerena is ethnically orang asli and is very close to her community. She returns very often to her village to encourage the younger ones in her community to study. She feels there is talent there but not many know what to do to develop that talent. Azerena said, “I really want to make the most of my opportunity so that I may be able to motivate my community later”. One of Azerena’s ambitions is to open a restaurant someday and she would love to specialize in pastry.

Out of the 38 community scholars, nine have graduated with degrees and diplomas in various fields. Tan Sri Dato’ Seri Dr. Jeffrey Cheah the founder and chairman of the Sunway Group set up the Sunway Education Trust in 1997 with the purpose mainly of providing assistance to students in the form of scholarships. The community scholarships are one of the scholarships funded by the Trust and 10 of these scholarships are presented yearly. RM42 million in various scholarships has been disbursed so far by the Trust since 1997.

1 December 2008

Advanced Networking Workshop Gives A Taste Of New Master's To Come From Sunway

Sunway University College recently held a 4-Day intensive master’s level workshop in Advanced Networking conducted by Dr Chris Edwards, a lecturer from Lancaster University’s Computing Department. Dr Edwards teaches and researches in the field of telecommunications, networking and operating systems and has been with Lancaster since 2001. Dr Edwards was joined by his Lancaster University colleague, Dr Nicholas Race who was one of the facilitators.

This workshop is part of the ongoing collaboration between the School of Computer Technology at Sunway University College and the Computing Department at Lancaster University aimed at strengthening undergraduate and graduate level courses at Sunway. One of the first fruits of this collaboration is a Master's in Network and Mobile Systems which is slated to be launched in early 2009 pending approval from the Ministry of Higher Education and accreditation from the Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA). The Master’s is a two-year part-time programme aimed at IT professionals in the industry.

The Advanced Networking Workshop will be one of the 6 modules in the Master's. Some of the other modules are in the area of fixed and mobile communications, mobile computing and ubiquitous computing. “The Advanced Networking workshop looks at practical perspectives such as actual computer networks in the UK and Europe and how they may evolve in future” said Dr Edwards.

Professor Rodger Lea, a visiting research fellow from Lancaster University, who has been attached to Sunway since January 2008, is assisting Sunway to build on its research and post-graduate programmes at the School of Computer Technology. Prof Lea has been the consultant and initiator of this new Master's programme which will combine lectures, coursework and a mini thesis. Students of the Master's will be jointly supervised by academics from Lancaster and Sunway and is an example of academics from the two institutions working closely together.

Lancaster’s Computing Department has an international reputation for systems research, was given a 5* rating in the last UK Government research assessment exercise and is currently ranked 7th in the UK for Computing research.

26 November 2008

A Pledge For Hope For A Violence-Free World

November 25 was declared as “The White Ribbon International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women” by the United Nations. For the first time in Malaysia, computing students of Sunway University College developed the pledge module on the www.journeytowardshope.com website to enable Malaysians to make a personal pledge from 10 am on November 25. This event was also held around the world particularly in Australia and the U.S.A

During the period surrounding this date men and boys especially, are encouraged to undertake the White Ribbon pledge “not to commit, condone or remain silent on violence against women and children”. This event is an initiative of Dr Valli Batchelor (a Malaysian residing in Australia). A similar pledge which was pioneered in Perth by Dr Batchelor last year was highly commended internationally.

The aim of this event is to raise awareness for the U.N White Ribbon campaign and to create safer and sacred places for all Malaysians of diverse culture, religion, gender and ages to celebrate lives free from violence.

A paper pledge can also be done by filling in a palm paper pledge, e-copies of which are also available from Christopher Ong (016-2061580). The palm paper pledges will be collected from now to be displayed on a “tree” for 16 days of activism for elimination of violence against women and children, at Sunway University College from November 25.

Sunway students were asked what they thought of the pledge. Kevin Zachary, a first year computing student said “This is a very good initiative. Violence should be stopped and it is great that this awareness is created at the level of students”. Kumaran A/L Reventhran, also a first year computing student said, “I hope more people will come forward to pledge and more people should be made aware of violence particularly domestic violence which can go unnoticed”

This project is presented by Sunway University College in association with Journey Towards hope Dance Projects, Australia, World Council of Churches and the Guru Dharma Society.

6 September 2008

Young minds intrigued by Corporate Social Responsibility

Students of Sunway University College successfully hosted the Undergraduate Business Student Conference on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) attended by over 400 students from various institutions. This first-of-its-kind conference was co-organised by students and opened to all their undergraduate peers studying in universities in Malaysia.

The conference with the theme ‘Business with a Heart’, attracted students from local, private and public universities who were shown valuable insights into CSR as a sustainable business practice in Malaysia. The student initiative was jointly organised by Sunway University College and their business partners CPA Australia and KPMG in Malaysia, who also presented their best practices at the conference.

“Through this conference, we hope to infuse the CSR mindset amongst undergraduate students by profiling organisations that do not only practice profit maximization, but also behave responsibly towards their community at large, “says Dr. Foo Yin Fah, Head of the Australian University Programme at Sunway University College.

The day was filled with interesting presentations on CSR initiatives by the Sunway Group, The Body Shop, HSBC, DiGi, WWF, Malaysia Nature Society and Environmental Protection Society of Malaysia. The crowd was also entertained by various drama, dance and choral speaking performances, and drawing the day to a close was a special forum entitled “Environmental Conservation : Can Corporations Do More?”, jointly chaired by Dr. Foo along with WWF, Malaysia Nature Society and the Environment Protection Society of Malaysia.

Through their long-standing partnership in advancing business education, Sunway University College, CPA Australia and KPMG in Malaysia have observed that CSR concepts are incorporated in theory to differing degrees in university business curricula. Through the conference, they hope to inspire students to start a CSR movement of their own, by exposing them to actual best practices of well-recognised corporations and organisations in Malaysia.

All three organisations are strong advocates of CSR integration into their respective businesses.

Sunway University College runs on a non-profit basis and is completely funded by the Sunway Education Trust Fund, setup by the Sunway Group in line with their CSR objective of developing human capital through excellence in education. To date, the trust has also awarded up to RM40 million in scholarships since its inception in 1997. In the field of accounting and finance, CPA Australia’s CSR strategy leverages on their craft; from influencing the development of sustainable regulatory policies to assisting corporations in responding effectively to ever-growing CSR demands from shareholders, governments and society. As a leading audit, tax and advisory services firm, KPMG conducts itself as a responsible corporate citizen to clients and colleagues, and is also a positive force in the community through a myriad of activities such as the KPMG Community Day, reef conservation and its Education Trust Fund which assists needy students to pursue their studies in Accounting and Finance.

Dr. Foo adds, “We are truly excited about the good turnout and to see this initiative materialise. We realise that we are at the point of promoting awareness, since CSR education and practice is still nascent in the minds of our young. However, we are confident that this is a great start in inspiring students to become true advocates for community well-being, who will then become the next generation of CSR leaders of our future corporate Malaysia. We hope to sustain this conference and make it the interlude for all students to undergo as part of an education in CSR”

The one-day conference helped to raise RM5,580 in donations and student participation fees, which was donated to the SMK Bandar Sunway’s special class for students with learning disabilities.

25 August 2008

Proud to be Malaysian

Dr Lee Su Kim spoke on championing our Malaysianness in a pre-Merdeka talk entitled “Celebrating being Malaysian: A Peranakan Woman Writer’s Perspective” at Sunway University College.

Speaking to Morals and Malaysian Studies students who packed the auditorium, Dr Lee gave amusing examples of how English has developed into its own with phrases and words which would sound completely strange to native English speakers. Words like ‘cousin brother, ‘send you’, ‘gostan’, ‘heaty’ and ‘cooling’. Awkward though they may be, these examples show how our spoken English has evolved into a Malaysian type of English popularly known as “Manglish”.

It was during her four years in Texas pursuing her doctorate that Dr Lee came to write her latest book, ‘A Nyonya in Texas: Insights of a Straits Chinese Woman in the Lone Star State’, which is a hilarious narrative of cross-cultural encounters. “It is only when you leave this country that you find out that you are Malaysian” shared Dr Lee.

Dr Lee’s parents are both Peranakan but from different states. She enjoys the Melaka Peranakan influence from her paternal side and the Penang Peranakan heritage from her maternal side. Pointing out how Peranakan culture is unique in the world and is a beautiful synthesis of two cultures, Chinese and Malay, Dr Lee explained that the culture was at its height of glory during British colonial rule, from the mid-19th to the 20th century. After Malaysia obtained its Independence in 1957, the Peranakan found themselves caught in an identity crisis as their culture is a culture of hybridity, and they claimed Chinese identity. Since World War II, the Peranakan culture has gradually become diluted and lost its lustre. However, the Peranakan culture today is undergoing a great revival and has attracted a lot of interest worldwide, particularly in its material culture.

As a teenager, Dr Lee was not sure of “who” she was but now she has come to accept her Peranakan ancestry with great pride and confidence. She encouraged everyone to celebrate the multiracial harmony that has taken root deeply in Malaysia. “Malaysia is a wonderful meeting place of cultures. This idea of multiple identities helps us to be more open-minded and less ethnocentric. We are who we are, Malaysians and we should appreciate our commonalities, enjoy being multi-cultural, speak out for our rights and dare to be different” said Dr Lee.

About Dr Lee Su Kim
Dr. Lee Su Kim was a guest speaker invited by the Language and Compulsory Subject Centre, Sunway University College. Lee is the author of ‘Malaysian Flavours: Insights into Things Malaysian’, ‘Manglish: Malaysian English at its Wackiest’ and ‘A Nyonya in Texas’. She is an Associate Professor in English at Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, Bangi. Dr. Lee has a Doctorate in Education from the University of Houston and her research interests are in the area of Language, Culture and Identity and World Englishes.

She is also the President of the newly-formed Peranakan Association of Kuala Lumpur and Selangor.

An Explosion of Culture at the International Student Carnival

“One Global Village” was the theme of this year’s International Student Carnival, hosted by Sunway University College and co-organised together with the Ministry of Higher Education. The 2-day event held recently was a combined effort of 36 public and private institutions of higher learning and saw 2,500 international students participating in an Inter-Varsity Sports Carnival, a Student Forum and a Cultural Night.

Some 100 international students created a kaleidoscope of colour at the Cultural Night. Sunway University College students dazzled with an Indian folk dance originating from Rajesthan and an enchanting Chinese umbrella dance. Other institutions showcased Bollywood, Saman, Kuda Kepang, Mamri and Jaipongan dances. The Guest-of-Honour was Yang Berhormat Dr Hou Kok Chung, Deputy Minister of Higher Education who was welcomed by the Chancellor of Sunway University College, Tan Sri Dato’ Seri Dr. Jeffrey Cheah. Vice-Chancellors and Executive Directors from higher institutions around the country, Ambassadors and High Commissioners were also present.

The sports carnival saw students competing in futsal, basketball, captain’s ball and tug-of-war. The forum provided a platform for international students to share their views and explored what could be done to cater to the needs of the international student community in Malaysia. Five international students spoke on issues such as cross-cultural communication, stress, expectations and adjusting to a new cultural environment.

The Ministry of Higher Education is committed to helping international students have a positive, pleasant and enriching experience here. Elizabeth Lee, Executive Director of Sunway University College said “The activities of the Carnival are intended to facilitate goodwill, cross-cultural understanding and unity among the international students which we hope will continue long after the carnival is over”.

22 August 2008

Men in Blue for Sunway University College

The security operations of Bandar Sunway were given a boost when 83 Sunway Group security guards underwent two months of rigorous formal training earlier this year with the Malaysian Police Training Force. The men were accorded Auxiliary Police (AP) status by the Inspector General of Police (IGP) upon completion of the training and have been attached with the subsidiary companies of the Sunway Group. Three of them are at Sunway University College.

Elizabeth Lee, Executive Director of Sunway University College said “The presence of the AP’s would help as a deterrent towards crime within the campus and provide peace-of-mind assurance for the 8,200 students, of which 30% of them are international students”

The adoption of AP’s is a part of the Sunway Group’s Safe City Initiative, amplifying the Royal Malaysian Police security efforts in the whole of Bandar Sunway in creating a safer environment for residents, employees and students.

“Since the deployment of APs in Bandar Sunway, the crime rate has significantly declined by 30% in June and July this year” said Tan Sri Dato’ Seri Dr Jeffrey Cheah, the Founder and Chairman of the Sunway Group during the recent presentation of two Toyota Hiace mobile police stations by the Sunway Group to the Royal Malaysian Police Force who serve the Bandar Sunway community.

The formal training for the men included attending law classes and security drills. AP’s are given the same power of police constables one of which is the right to arrest in their area of jurisdiction and the right to investigate crimes, subject to the prior approval of the IGP.

17 August 2008

Book vendors provide a kitty for community scholars

Everyone knows there is a veritable feast of scholarships out there. Not only designed to curb a brain drain, scholarships provide a better life. Sunway University College offers a boost in this direction to the financially strapped, through the yearly Tun Dato’ Seri Omar Ong Yoke Lin Community Scholarship.

The criteria candidates have to meet are that they must come from a charitable residential children’s home, poor community or single parents and the family income must be less than RM1,800 per month. The scholarship provides full tuition fee, all related fees and accommodation. The funds come from the Sunway Education Trust Fund, started in 1997 by Tan Sri Dato’ Seri (Dr.) Jeffrey Cheah, Founder of Sunway University College who dreamt of contributing to society through education. Sunway University College is the only private institution of higher learning that provides such a scholarship.


Sunway went ahead to set up a book allowance for the scholars recently. Ms Wong Sook Jean, Chief Librarian of the Tun Hussein Onn Library at Sunway, is an ISO-certified library, approached book supply companies for donations for the scholars. “We are very grateful to our book suppliers for their contributions which would help the community scholars in a meaningful way”.

The book supply companies contribute a total of RM5,000 per annum for three years, 2008-2010. The companies are EMO Book Services Sdn Bhd (RM1,000 per annum), Koperasi Kedaibuku Universiti Malaya Ltd (RM1,000 per annum), PV Knowledge Sdn Bhd (RM1,000 per annum) and Universiti Book Store Sdn Bhd (RM2,000 per annum). They came for a presentation ceremony at Sunway University College which was held recently. A total of 21 community scholars benefit from this donation and they will be able to request for books through the library. The books can be from prescribed book lists or any books that the students require.

Emmanuel Yong, a community scholar who lives with his mother, and who has already requested 6 books said “The book allowance makes things very convenient for us. I am grateful to Sunway and the book supply companies for their support”

To date, 35 students have been offered the community scholarships since January 2002. Out of these, 11 students were from charitable homes such as Rumah Care, Rumah Faith, Rumah Keluarga Kami, Rumah Ozanam and Shepherd’s Centre. 7 students have since graduated 3 with a bachelor’s degree, 3 with a diploma and 1 with a certificate.

31 July 2008

Victoria University Chancellor speaks on Globalization of Education and meets Sunway students

The Honourable Justice Frank Vincent, the Chancellor of Victoria University, Australia was in the campus of its twinning partner, Sunway University College (Sunway) to give a talk under the Tan Sri Jeffery Cheah Distinguished Speakers Series. It was also an opportunity for the Chancellor to meet students in the VU twinning programmes at Sunway.

Chancellor Vincent practiced as a barrister before being appointed one of Her Majesty’s Counsels in 1980. He shared his thoughts in his talk entitled “The Globalization of Education – A Judicial Perspective”. The thrust of the thought-provoking talk was on the profound effects of internationalization of universities and the benefits of it, from his perspective as Chancellor of VU.

In the early days when the Chancellor first worked in courts, he realized the power of education and the consequences to families and communities if educational opportunities do not exist. When VU was first established, it served a large migrant population where the student body was culturally diverse. VU’s early foray into globalization was being able to engage with the different cultures of its own students. Later it took on an international character of its own as it began internationalizing its courses and methods of teaching. Higher education is now at the forefront of globalization in Australia and most Governments looks upon it in economic terms.

“The significance of globalization of education is broader than thought. Students become global citizens who form networks and collaborations and go on to develop innovations to improve life, track climate change and enrich experiences” said the Chancellor.

However the downside is that globalization makes what students learn become obsolete in a few years. Chancellor Vincent stressed that “Internationalization must develop techniques to equip people to be flexible and adapt to problems. They should have the capacity for life-long learning”

He also warned “There was a need to equip institutions to be trained in globalization and not become hostage to it” said Chancellor Vincent. He shared that VU was conducting research so that all courses have an international character starting with subject specific workshops, online learning support and peer mentoring programmes.

During the talk, Chancellor Vincent advised “Education is not to be regarded as an industry or a commodity to be brought and sold as monetary value”. This is a valid point and universities are advised to be mindful of this in their undertakings.

In conjunction with the talk, there was a VU Exhibition at Sunway. VU has been a twinning partner for the VU Bachelor of Business at Sunway since 1994 and for the VU Masters in Business Administration since 2004. The VU Bachelor of Business offers an identical curriculum, assignments, tests and final examinations as in VU Australia and an Australian experience as VU Australian academic staff regularly teach at Sunway.

A VU Preview and a VU MBA supper were held the day before the talk, in which the Chancellor spoke to prospective students and met current MBA students and alumni. The Chancellor also met up with the VU Bachelor of Business undergraduates and alumni during a VU High Tea before the talk.

The ties between VU and Sunway University College are close and go a long way. The Chancellor of Sunway University College, Tan Sri Dato’ Seri Dr Jeffrey Cheah, who received his first honorary Doctor of the University from VU in 1993, is a VU alumnus. Tan Sri Jeffrey was recently honoured with an Honorary Officer of the Order of Australia (AO) by the Right Honourable Kevin Rudd, the Prime Minister of Australia when the Prime Minister was in Malaysia, on July 10. The award endorses Tan Sri Jeffrey’s immense contribution to education in Malaysia. The Vice-Chancellor of Sunway University College, Professor Jarlath Ronayne, was the Foundation Vice-Chancellor of Victoria University from 1991 – 2003.

18 July 2008

A Day Immersed in the English Language

The sixth annual English Language Event held recently was a feast for lovers of the English language. The highlights were a Public Speaking Competition Finals and the Essay Writing Competition. It was open to secondary school students, jointly organised by Sunway University College and The Oxford and Cambridge Society of Malaysia and held at Sunway University College.

The Public Speaking Competition attracted 173 Form 4 and Form 5 secondary students early this year. In April, they attended a Public Speaking training session “Be an Effective Speaker” by Mrs Jagjit Singh. 6 finalists were selected from a preliminary round. During the finals, three judges, from the Oxford and Cambridge Society of Malaysia, Datin Shalini Ganendra, President; Ms Elizabeth Lee, Vice-President (and Executive Director of Sunway University College) and Dr Scotti Albrecht viewed the 6 finalists who each gave an impressive and sometimes amusing four minute presentation on “Tomorrow”.

Mahendra A/L Karythan from SMK Seksyen 9, Shah Alam emerged the champion. The first runner up was Avinaash Sunbramanian from SMK Damansara Jaya. Both Candice Lee from SMK Taman Sri Muda, Shah Alam and Jasmine Jasnani from SMK Seafield, tied in second runner up place.

75 students from 25 schools took part in the Essay Writing competition. Students had one hour to attempt one essay question out of five questions. All scripts were marked by Sunway University College lecturers from the English Language Department, University Compulsory Unit and A-Level programme who ascertained the best six essays. The eight judges from the Oxford and Cambridge Society of Malaysia selected the champion, first runner-up, second runner-up and three consolations from these top essays.

The essay writing champion was Grace Kiew Sze Ern from SMK (P) Sri Aman who answered question no. 4, “What do you think are the greatest challenges that will be faced by your generation?” The first runner up was Anton Wong Shaun Ming from SMK Seafield and the second runner-up was Shahnon Lau Chen-Yuen from SMK Subang Utama. The Chief Judge was Mrs Margaret Hall said “The standard of the essays was exceedingly high but we found that the content, language and flow of thought of the champion’s essay stood out from the others”.

About 1000 students of Forms 3, 4 and 5 from 26 top schools around the Klang Valley, Seremban and Ipoh attended the event. Alumni’s from the two prestigious universities spoke to students. Mr. Chacko Vadaketh and Mr. Andrew Caie spoke on Effective Oral Communication Skills (separately). Mr. Syed Tariq and Mr. Mark Disney each gave their version of Effective Writing Skills and Mr. Walter Jones delivered Application Procedures and Entry Requirements into Oxford & Cambridge University.

The questions for the Essay Writing Competition were set by Mr. Stephen Hall, Director of the Language and Compulsory Subjects and Mrs Ruma Lopes, Director of the Australian Matriculation, a pre-University programme at Sunway University College.

Prizes for the Champions of the two competitions received RM300 cash, a trophy for the school and an individual trophy each. The First and Second Runners-Up received RM 200 and RM100 respectively as well as individual trophies. All the prize and consolation winners received Certificates of Commendation from the Oxford & Cambridge Society of Malaysia.

11 July 2008

Students Turn Property Magnates for a Day

Aspiring entrepreneurial students from Sunway University College (Sunway) had a brief taste of what it was like to be high-rolling property magnates during the second Sunway Apprentice Challenge recently. The Challenge, organised by Sunway and sponsored by Alliance Bank Malaysia Berhad (Alliance Bank), pits pre-university students, Team EDGE, against undergraduate students, Team FUXION, in a larger-than-life trading board game of Saidina, Malaysia’s version of Monopoly.

“We believe that good talent should be allowed to creatively explore and experience various scenarios via simulations of real-life environment with all its challenges and obstacles. The Sunway Apprenticeship Challenge also enables us to impart the Bank’s values of creativity, conviction, resilience, integrity and caring during each exercise to the participants,” said Datuk Bridget Lai, Group Chief Executive Officer of Alliance Bank Malaysia Berhad and Director of Alliance Financial Group Berhad.

Ms Elizabeth Lee, Executive Director of Sunway University College added “The Saidina challenge presents a variety of learning points as we wanted to reach our students and deliver important corporate life lessons in a fun and challenging way. Partnering Alliance Bank, a strong proponent of entrepreneurship, is indeed a strategic move that will help us achieve this objective”.

The Sunway Apprentice Challenge aims to expose students to the world of entrepreneurship and leadership by introducing a series of real-life work experiences in a performance-rewards environment. The exercise was inspired by Donald Trump’s “The Apprentice” reality show that helps to identify students who have an outstanding calibre in business.

The game featured a 20 feet by 20 feet life-size board complete with houses, hotels, dice and decision cards. The team members bought land whenever they could and bid against each other in auction creating sparks of excitement during the game. The key learning outcomes for the participants were of strategy planning, financial decision-making, risk and returns, market analysis. Most importantly, participants had to learn to work as a team to overcome the obstacles.

Each team of five had a consultant who observed the game and decides to offer ‘consultant advice’. All players had a strategy plan before the game and were not allowed to discuss their moves during the game. Team FUXION, who amassed the highest “wealth” among the two teams was declared the winner.

Rebecca Ng (19), a second year ACCA student and Team FUXION’s leader, said “The second Challenge was certainly interesting as it tested us on our strategy skills, and allowed us to understand and bond with our teammates. However, I believe that the element of luck was on our side and gave us a winning edge. We are definitely happy that we won this round!”

Team FUXION also won the first challenge during the first Sunway Apprentice Challenge held in March this year, where teams prepared and presented a marketing strategy proposal for Sunway University College’s Student Services Department. The winners were rewarded with dinner with Joel Neoh, the young entrepreneur who won the NTV7’s “The Firm”, Malaysia’s first corporate reality television programme.

In the next and final challenge hosted by Alliance Bank, participants will be presented with actual business case studies. They will have to race against the clock and demonstrate skills of time management, strategic leadership and problem-solving. There will be a new twist added to the Challenge.

Winners of this second Sunway Apprentice Challenge won a total of RM1,700 worth of prizes including a Saidina Travel set, Italiannies Restaurant dining voucher, Nike and MPH Bookstore vouchers for each person.

9 July 2008

Bringing Venezuela to Malaysian Students

Sunway University College (Sunway) students experienced Venezuela when students of the School of Hospitality, Tourism and Leisure Management (SHTLM) participated in Venezuelan Week at Sunway. This event commemorated Venezuela’s Independence Day and a wide selection of cultural activities were held across Kuala Lumpur.

Sunway University College (Sunway) students experienced Venezuela when students of the School of Hospitality, Tourism and Leisure Management (SHTLM) participated in Venezuelan Week at Sunway. This event commemorated Venezuela’s Independence Day and a wide selection of cultural activities were held across Kuala Lumpur.

About 40 hospitality students and their lecturers prepared, cooked and served a Venezuelan lunch for guests and media during the opening ceremony under the supervision of Chef Edgar and Chef Mariana.

Chef Edgar Leal and his wife, Mariana Montero De Castro, a French-trained pastry chef held a cooking workshop the day before at the School’s preparation kitchen. Chef Edgar, who studied the culinary arts in New York, is a world-renown celebrity Chef who was the first Venezuelan to prepare a dinner at the James Beard Foundation House in New York City. He owns “Cacao” a restaurant in Miami that specialises in Venezuelan and South American cuisine.

During the opening, guests viewed a unique Photo Exhibition “Holga & Diana” by Vladimir Marcano and Esso Alvarez in which 40 black and white images of nature produced by two low cost cameras, popular during the eighties, were used. A Venezuelan Salsa Band “Pecheche y su Melao” was in attendance and had the audience doing the salsa to the beat of its mesmerizing Latin music. Tourism students of the SHTLM were involved in the planning and organisation of the event. The Opening Ceremony was graced by the Ambassador of the Embassy of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, His Excellency Manuel Antonio Guzman Hernandez.


The finale was a Venezuelan Promotion Lunch at the School’s Dining Room@Sunway restaurant, a fine dining training restaurant. The students served mouth watering Venezuelan favourites such as chicken with arepa chips, rice and black beans, a tasty beef with a mechado sauce, fried plantains (bananas) and a Grand Saman chocolate mousse dome which were all prepared by the students and staff of the SHTLM.

Elizabeth Lee, the Executive Director of Sunway University College said “Through this event today which showcases Venezuelan cuisine, music and art, there will be greater cross-cultural understanding between Malaysia and Venezuela. As an educational institution, we are thrilled to be a platform for cultural exchange among our younger generation and the Venezuelan people”. Hospitality and Tourism students of the SHTLM were awarded marks for their work which will be counted towards their final marks in their programme.

6 July 2008

It's Time to Let It Go!!

HeLLoo there Sunway students!! It is time to shake your hair loose! Yesssss....it is time to party ;-)

Sunway Student Council presents Freshie Night 2! It is a night to celebrate new members of Sun-U. Hence, we are calling freshmen of Sun-U and seniors as well to join this upcoming joyful event.

This is definitely a night out with your friends that you would not wanna miss. You could expect a heart-pumping and energetic dance performance from Sun-U's very own Ravelution Club, an awesome laser light show, a guest appearance of Freshie Night 1 King Pappi and..the dance floor will be opened at 10pm ;-) Hehehehe! I think I'd better keep quiet now...I do not wanna be a party spoiler.

If you are interested to come join the fun, details are as below:
Date : 17 July (Thursday)
Time : 7:30 pm onwards.
Venue: MPH (multipurpose hall...not the bookstore!)
Ticket Price: RM 10/-
RM 15/-(at the entrance on the day itself)
*ticket includes refreshments

Get your tickets soon from the Student Services Department (SSD), specifically from Mr. Ken ASAP before they run out of stock!

Pssstt....you also stand a chance to win great prizes in the Lucky Draw during the event....

So don't just sit and wait! Quickly get your tickets!!!!!

**For any further information contact: Wahid- 0176032491 or email at Wahid-TheOne@hotmail.com

19 June 2008

Contest! Test Your Designing Skills!

Got a hand in arts? If you do, waste not a drop of your talents and try your hand out in the latest logo designing contest for Sunway Pharma (something new under the Sunway flagship) ;-D Details are as below:
Sunway Pharma
"Design Our Logo"

About Us
Sunway Pharma is a chain of retail pharmacies opening soon.
A concept store like no other, we focus on nurturing and healing the body from within as well as from the outside.

Prescription & Therapy

Medicine, supplements and organic spa products

Contest Requirements
1) Logo must integrate elements of the Sunway logo

2) Logo must contain the word “Sunway Pharma”

2) Participants must submit the logo in Illustrator and JPEG format.

3) Besides the logo, participants must also include two variations of the logo with the tagline “Prescription & Therapy”

Open to Sunway University College students only

Winner – RM500 cash*
3x Consolation Prizes – RM100

31 June 08

Email your submission to choyel@sunway.com.my

*In the event that no submission is found suitable to be adopted as the official logo, Sunway Pharma is not obliged to award the Winner’s prize

12 June 2008

Special Scheme For Chinese Independent Schools

Bandar Sunway, Petaling Jaya - Recognizing the acute shortage and large demand of accountants in Malaysia and the region, and in tandem with the Government’s call to provide quality education, Sunway University College (Sunway) is today signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with ACCA and Chinese Independent schools. The double partnership by Sunway is to work in sync to improve and help meet the shortage required by the country.

A special scheme was developed by Sunway TES in collaboration with the ACCA and Chinese Independent Schools and the scheme is the first of its kind in Malaysia.

This MOU signing ceremony underpins the development of a special scheme for students from Chinese Independent schools with the intention of providing the opportunity for students registered on the programme with a route to obtain the Certified Accounting Technician (CAT) qualification and progress onto the ACCA qualification.

The Chinese Independent High Schools are: Kluang Chong Hwa High School, Chong Hwa Independent High School - Jalan Ipoh, Chung Hua High School – Seremban, Kwang Hwa Private High School – Klang and Pay Fong High School – Malacca and Kuen Cheng – Kuala Lumpur.

The ACCA-CAT Special Scheme is managed by Sunway TES and it is based on the collaborative MOU signed between Sunway TES and ACCA, which is essentially a professional accountancy programme for the benefit of students in the Chinese Independent High Schools in Malaysia.

Under this Special Scheme, students from Chinese Independent High Schools would be given the opportunity to register in the Certified Accounting Technician (CAT) Programme while still in high school. The Special Scheme would provide a shorter pathway for students to obtain the CAT qualification after completing the SM 3 and progress to the ACCA qualification. Participation in this special scheme also offers a saving in time and education costs.

Students are eligible for incentives provided by Sunway TES and ACCA UK in the form of waiver of payment of Sunway registration fee, ACCA registration fee and annual subscription fees and other incentives such as special reduced tuition fee and scholarships as well.

Witnessed by Dr. Hou Kok Chung, Deputy Minister of Higher Education Malaysia, the MOU was signed by Mr Lee Weng Keng, Member of the Board of Directors of Sunway-TES Sdn Bhd, the financial courses training arm of Sunway University College and Mr Tay Kay Luan, Director of ASEAN & Australasia, on behalf of ACCA. Also present to witness the signing was Tan Sri Dato’ (Dr) Ramon Navaratnam, Pro-Chancellor of Sunway University College.

Mr Lee Weng Keng shared, “Partnerships are a key to the future. None of us can do it alone. This agreement is about drawing on the complementary strengths of our two institutions to offer new pathways to education and the creation of new knowledge working especially with the Chinese Independent schools”.

“As proof of the Ministry’s support in advancing the professional accounting industry in our country, students who score a 1A or 2A in Prinsip Perakaunan (Principles of Accounting) subject at SPM level will be exempted from Paper T1 of the CAT programme,” said Dr. Hou Kok Chung.

Following the signing ceremony, fourteen (14) outstanding students were presented with the coveted world prize awards for ACCA and CAT examinations. Three (3) of the students received World Prize awards for best outstanding scores globally and eleven (11) students received the Malaysian Prize award for best scores within Malaysia.

“We very much value the long and productive relationship we have enjoyed with Sunway over the years. Their understanding of, and commitment to ACCA, is second to none, as affirmed by the college holding ACCA Platinum Approved Learning Partner status” shared, Ms. Helen Brand,
Managing Director – Strategy and Development, ACCA .

“This excellence is further evidenced by Sunway producing students who achieved top marks world-wide in both the ACCA and CAT examinations last December. And I am delighted to be here this morning to see these students presented with awards to commemorate this outstanding achievement”, she added further.

This special scheme developed by Sunway TES further complements the efforts of the Ministry of Higher Education in promoting the study of accounting subjects in secondary schools and to relate the syllabi of accounting subjects in schools to professional accountancy programmes such as the CAT.

Sunway TES will also facilitate the training of students through placement in international professional accounting firms and thereafter the employment of graduates within these firms. Many of Sunway TES ACCA students are offered employment even before they graduate and are preferred employees of top accountancy firms.

30 May 2008

RM11,000 raised by Chinese and China students of Sunway for Sichuan quake victims

The devastating earthquake that tore Sichuan, China on May 12, measuring more than 8 on the Richter scale resulted in a death toll in the tens of thousands while those who survived are struggling to rebuild what’s left of their lives.

This grim scenario prompted the Chinese Cultural Society (local Chinese students) and the China Students Association (students from China) of Sunway University College to organise a donation drive for the Sichuan quake victims from 20 – 23 May at the cafeteria. A student in the American Degree Transfer Programme in Sunway, Darren Wang from China, did his part by selling his awe-inspiring Chinese brush paintings. Wang a graduate of the Guangsi Fine Arts Institute and Qinghua University is an accomplished artist who is a master in the art of Chinese brush painting. He made a brisk sale of his masterpieces and donated all proceeds to the Sichuan victims.

A concert by the students on 23 May added some soothing entertainment as they and their lecturer advisors took to the stage with a mixture of Cantonese, Mandarin and English songs. A total of RM11,115.00 was collected and the students arranged to channel the much-needed funds to the quake victims through World Vision in Malaysia and the Chinese Embassy in Malaysia equally. Ms Elizabeth Lee, Executive Director presented the cash to the two organisations after the concert.

A committee member of the Chinese Cultural Society, Adrian Tok said “I felt proud to help out. We heard so much about the suffering of the quake victims and the situation was becoming worse and worse and I am very happy to be a part of this effort to help the Sichuan quake victims”.

The lecturer advisors to the students were Ms Mandy Wong, Mr Chong Chin Yoon and Mr Michael Moey. Sunway University College has attracted international students from over sixty countries. Students from China are one of the highest international groups at Sunway.

The International Students Office at Sunway which looks after all international students assisted another group of students to collect RM3,000.00, 3 big boxes of baked beans and a large bundle of clothes which were sent to Mercy Malaysia through The Star Publications to help the Myanmar Cyclone victims earlier.

Sun-U's One Top Model

As part of their subject,Community Service, Diploma students of semester 5 studying in School Of Computer Technology are organizing a modeling competition with the objective of raising funds for World Vision Malaysia in aid of the victims of Myanmar Cyclone, China Szechuan Earthquake and the 'orang asli'.

The event is on the 13th June (Friday), starting from 7.30pm in the Multi Purpose Hall,Sunway University College

With performances by Prema Yin (http://myspace.com/premayin)

Hosted by Prem & Jules (http://www.flyfm.com.my)

Judged by MXV (http://michaelvoon.com)and more

Tickets are priced at RM10 (Pre Sales), RM15 (Door Sales).
For ticket purchase, please contact Isaac at 014-3232487 or Bala at 012-6760574

All proceeds will go to World Vision Malaysia to aid the victims of China SzeChuan Earthquake, Myanmar Cyclone + Aboriginal People (Orang Asli)

If you guys would like to contribute more than the ticket fees, you are more than welcome to do so!

We hope to see you guys there!

Join our facebook group! too

13 May 2008

Lecturers' Appreciation Day

Mrs Sim, can you give us handouts ah? Dun wan to copy lar. Mr Ganesan, can give me a few more marks ah? I need only 4 more to pass lar, pleease! Mr Kamal, sorry I'm late. My alarm didn't ring lar!

Ugh. I don't know how they do it without strangling someone by the end of the day.

Hence, driven by guilt (I'm guessing), the Student Council decided to organise a Lecturers' Appreciation Day in view of the upcoming Teachers' Day.

Students voted for their favourite lecturers and the top 3 from each programme were invited to attend the event at Michaelangelos, Sunway Pyramid (host and sponsor). The restaurant allocated the outdoor area, overlooking the entrance to Sunway Lagoon. Very nice, I must say.

While the hungry students and academics tucked heartily into pasta, chicken and french bread, their eyes were fixed on the stage.

Ravelution performed a skit on how lecturers can see the potential in each student that other could not, and bring out the best in them.

They managed to invite an upcoming local singer to perform. Ok, I've never heard of Mia Palencia before today, but she probably gained a few new fans today (I bought her CD and got her autograph!). This soulful Sabahan reminded me of Anggun and Colby Callait rolled into one. What's nice is that she sings of stories close to home.

Lounging under the canopy while the wind blows through your hair and letting your thoughts melt into her deep velvety voice... Oh wait. I actually have to go back to work after this, don't I (cue sound: broken record, glass breaks)? Sigh.

2 May 2008

Sharpening their wits for a “classy” debate

The students in the Pacific Rim Asian Studies class in the American Degree Transfer Program (ADTP) at Sunway were given a unique assignment: to prepare for a Grand Debate, by pitting all they had learnt in class into a war of words. The marks for this went towards their final year end mark.

The 24 students of the class came from Malaysia, Indonesia, Nigeria, Bangladesh, USA, Kenya and Korea and were divided into debating teams of 6 students per team. There were three frontline debaters and three “backup” researchers. The debate was in the British parliamentary style and there were two rounds. The top two best teams of the preliminary round went on to the final round which was held recently at Sunway. The debate motion in the final round was “This House believes that the 21st century will be the Pacific Asian century”


The two groups drew lots 24 hours before the debate to decide on their positions, if they were the proposition or the opposition. This stretched the teams to sharpen their arguments in a short time which made the debate edgy. The audience was made up of Sunway students and staff who came eagerly to watch the verbal banter delivered by the students.

All the proposition team debaters were from Malaysia and the opposition was made up of two Indonesians and a Kenyan. There was a rose among them, the only female debater, Nurfizny Ramdhani, who was from Indonesia. The chairperson was Nigerian student Nwankwo Alexander Chiedozie who awed the audience with a crisp delivery of his thoughts on the debate. Fellow classmate Diana Udodirim Nwakanma, also from Nigeria was a lively Mistress of Ceremonies.

It was a debate which allowed the unique style of each debater to show through. This was followed by a 40 minute Q&A session between the audience and the debaters. The Chief Judge was Datuk Professor Dr Khoo Kay Kim, Professor Emeritus of the Department of History, Universiti Malaya. Professor Khoo shared “I was impressed with the standard of the debate and also the multinational flavor of the ADTP which made the faculty vibrant and lively” He added “The Pacific Rim Asian Studies course here is a good starting point for an Asian Studies Centre. We need to understand Asia from the perspective of Asians and not necessarily from a westerner’s viewpoint”

The winning team was the opposition team and the best debater was Mark Nathaniel Barki from Indonesia. The winning team was unanimously decided hands down by the team of three judges.

Dr Anindita Dasgupta, the senior lecturer of the Pacific Rim Asian Studies said “This testing of the students’ knowledge in front of a live audience encouraged analytical thinking and boosted confidence. More importantly, the students learnt to defend their arguments which will come in useful as they will be expected to do so in real life”.