25 June 2009

Wild Creativity Earns Students a Prize


Left to right (centre) students Kenry Tang, Laura Viviana Acero Collazos, Sharmila Shresta, Lyana Shamsudin, Amir Ali with their lecturers Joseph Fernz (left) and Nasarudin Ahmad (right)

In the Design & Illustrate : Horse Sculpture Competition organised by the Selangor Turf Club, Sunway University College students vivid painting on a life-size horse sculpture won them the third prize of RM3,000.

The title of their creative work was “Through the eyes of the Artist”. Their concept reflected the great master paintings of horses from primitivism to post-modernism covering the works of artists like Carvaggio, Peter Paul Reuben, Picasso and others.

The expression of the painting was as free as the movement of a horse on an open field, wild yet beautiful and controlled.

The competition was organised in conjunction with the Selangor Turf Club International Racing Carnival 2009.

Power of Scholarships in RM3.1 Million to Students


Staff and students of Sunway College Johor Bahru presenting the pledge of RM20,000 to the Tan Sri Dr. Jeffrey Cheah Foundation recently. Tan Sri Jeffrey Cheah is third from right. Also present are Pro-Chancellors Tan Sri Dato’ Dr. Ramon Navaratnam (4th from right, second row) and Datuk Razman M. Hashim (on the right of Tan Sri Jeffrey Cheah)

Sunway University College held another scholarship presentation ceremony for 785 scholarship recipients studying at Sunway University College recently. A total of RM3.1 million in scholarships was given out through the Tan Sri Dr. Jeffrey Cheah Continuing Scholarship and the Tan Sri Dr. Jeffrey Cheah Entrance Scholarship in this ceremony. The funds were provided by the Sunway Education Trust Fund. This Trust has been in existence since 1997 and has been responsible for disbursing a whopping RM46.1 million so far. Another RM2 million in scholarships is expected to be given out later this year.

In a recent move, Sunway’s Founder and Chancellor established the Tan Sri Dr. Jeffrey Cheah Foundation to further solidify his deeply held beliefs in the transforming power of education. The Foundation seeks to receive and administer funds for educational, scientific, medical and charitable purposes including scholarships based on merit and to those in need of financial assistance. The Foundation will be injected with an initial seed fund of RM50 million and donors to the Foundation will be eligible for tax exemption. Tan Sri Dr Jeffrey Cheah insists on maintaining the very essence of the Foundation and as the world is now facing an economic downturn, the formation of a Foundation could not have been timelier.

Sunway is presently operating under the Sunway Education Trust Fund which will be replaced in time, by the Tan Sri Dr. Jeffrey Cheah Foundation.

During a recent visit by Tan Sri Dr Jeffrey Cheah to Sunway College Johor Bahru, 1100 students and 70 staff of the college made a collective pledge of RM20,000 to the Foundation. This magnanimous gesture will go a long way to turn lives around by providing deserving students an opportunity to pursue their higher education.

Students Apply Knowledge to Become Champs in Future Leadership Program


(Left to Right) Dato’ Sri Nazir Abdul Razak, Group CEO, CIMB Group, Chan Yung Mun, Chan Jinn Yep, Chang Mei Yan, Joyce Oo Pui Yee, Phillip Owens, Director, Future Leadership Programme, Wall Street Journal Asia and Hamidah Naziadin, Head, Group Corporate Resources, CIMB Group

Sunway University Students emerged the champions of the Business Challenge event in the CIMB Group and Wall Street Journal Asia Malaysia Future Leadership Program 2008/2009 held recently. The team made up of four students, Chan Jinn Yep, Chan Yung Mun, Joyce Oo Pui Yee and Chang Mei Yan beat teams from 8 other private and public universities and colleges. The four are pursuing B.Sc (Hons) joint degrees in collaboration with Lancaster University at Sunway.

The Business Challenge comprised the submission of a business proposal, presentation of the proposal and a quiz during the grand final held recently at the Securities Commission. The title of the business proposal was “Opportunities for Financial Services Amidst the Economic Crisis”.
The quiz which was the highlight saw participants engaged in three rounds of quizzes. The final round had a risk and reward element in the game which added spice to the whole exercise. The Sunway team had earned a total of RM8,000 in “investment money” in this round enabling them to beat the other teams in the quiz.

Team leader Chan Jinn Yep shared “This competition provided us a chance to prove that the knowledge gained from our course complimented by our own current affairs knowledge can be utilized in the real business world”. Team mate Chan Yung Mun added “We were trying to gain as much experience as possible and at the same time, it was fun. We just tried our best not to be knocked out”.

For their amazing efforts each team member won a return Air Asia air ticket to Hong Kong, RM500 cash in a CIMB-AirAsia Saver account and trophies.

18 June 2009

Bringing Out the Best in Academics

The partnership of Sunway University College with Lancaster University as a mentor university has enabled Sunway’s degrees to be recognised internationally as the quality of Sunway’s awards are subjected to stringent and formal criteria.

LU course consultants have been visiting Sunway regularly post validation to monitor and improve programme quality. One of the quality improvement measures involves the Centre for the Enhancement of Learning and Teaching (CELT) of LU in developing Sunway staff in the area of teaching and learning and is part of an ongoing staff development programme.

Sunway academic staff have attended workshops in the Developing Higher Education Practice (DHEP) which leads to the award of the Certificate in Academic Practice (CAP) by Lancaster University. The DHEP programme is accredited and recognised by the Higher Education Academy (HEA) and the Staff Educational Development Association (SEDA), both of the U.K. The workshops were conducted by Dr Tony Luxon, Continuing Professional Development Advisor and his colleagues from CELT.

Five of Sunway’s members of academia, recently received their Certificate in Academic Practice Module One from Lancaster University and an award in Learning, Teaching and Assessment by SEDA. They were Assoc. Prof Dr. Teoh Hsien-Jin, Ms Cheong Sau Kuan, Ms Woo Pei Jun (from the Psychology Department), Dr. Marie-Aimee Tourres (Head of the Manchester Business School Worldwide programme at Sunway) and Dr. Stanley Yeow (formerly Head of the Victoria University MBA programme at Sunway). Another 17 staff have also completed the DHEP and will be receiving their certificates later this year. The completion rate of staff members, who attended the workshops compares favourably with staff at Lancaster University.

Dr Tony Luxon who presented the certificates said “Congratulations to the staff on receiving their CAP Module One, which has two awards in one. They are also eligible to become Associate Fellows of the Higher Education Academy of the U.K. It is an impressive achievement considering that the staff achieved this while teaching and carrying out research at the same time”.

4 June 2009


Poesy Liang, Founder of Helping Angels. A Malaysian-Taiwanese artist, writer, poet, architectural interior designer, jeweller, entrepreneur, philanthropist and television personality who survived 3 spinal surgeries and battled paralysis caused by a rare case of benign tumour that kept recurring within her spinal cord (thoracic intradural meningioma).

Helping Angels started as a global Facebook group to recruit volunteers to do welfare work in August 2007. Within the first year, the group organised over 90 official events in Malaysia and recruited over 1000 members globally. All activities are funded privately. The objectives of the group is to motivate career professionals to use their wisdom, influence, skills and time resources to help others. The group seeks to promote the donation of time and efforts, placing least importance to the giving in material and monetary sponsorship. Activities cover welfare of the underprivileged, education, homeless, old aged, animal rescue and rehoming, and life-coaching. To date the volunteer movement has spread its' wings to exist in Taiwan and Bangkok.

Check out the link: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=5583718222



Chief Talker wins RM50,000 for Helping Angels to make a difference with 8 selected causes.

Contest ends on 10 July 2009. Start voting everyday. One vote away and one vote a day from our collective goal.

[7 for each day of the week so when we VOTE EVERYDAY we get blessed 24-7, the 8th cause is for adding extra oomph to our blessings]

1. RM1500 to Wayan Mulyana and family.

2. RM8000 to 2010 Back To School supplies for 300 underprivileged kids. Shoes from Bata, and bags + school supplies from retailing wholesalers.

3. RM5000
Shows, trips, tickets for study rewarding system with tutoring group - 3-year budget till 2012.

4. RM500
Helping Angels postcards.

5. RM3000
Helping Angels eco bags to support No Plastics awareness.

6. RM3000
Print new mathematic workbooks for Thursday Tutoring Program.

7. RM21000
RM7000 college fees for 3 high achievers from a lower income bracket to be chosen from Taylor's and Sunway University College. Choice of educational Institute are subjected to further finalization during scholarship reviews.

8. RM8000
Tenghilan girls.