31 July 2007


Students pursuing their Diploma in Conventions and Events Management at Sunway University College recently organised a Japanese-themed charitable event called the ‘Sakura’ charity fashion show and buffet luncheon.

Proceeds from the sale of tickets were channeled to SMK Bandar Sunway’s programme for students with learning disabilities called G.O.L.D. (Generating Opportunities for Learning Disables), which aims to provide vocational and life training for such students.

Sunway University College students also managed to raise funds for the G.O.L.D. programme throughout the semester (prior to the event) through sales from a food bazaar as well as selling Japanese knick-knacks and games. Sourcing for sponsors and producing programme booklets, raised a total of RM5,888.

Held at the School of Hospitality, Tourism and Leisure Management’s (SHTLM) fine dining restaurant, the event saw guests enjoying a hair and fashion show inspired by trends from Tokyo whilst sampling a spread of delightful Japanese delicacies.

The hair show, which kicked off the event, had student models showing off the latest hair-dos inspired by trend-setters in Tokyo. The fashion show which followed presented a range of beautiful kimono-inspired creations, with celebrity model Amber Chia, a special guest at the event, also participating.

“This is the first time I’ve attended an event organized by students. I am very impressed at how professional these Sunway students are at getting the event together, and with zero budget! I could see the sincerity in their hearts at wanting to make the event successful for the benefit of the disabled children, and I was delighted to be apart of it” said Amber at the event.

The students’ efforts in the event were assessed as it fulfilled part of their course requisites. The course provided a real event organising experience and stimulated more interest in the subject for the students.

“Initiated by Sunway University College’s Founder and Chairman Tan Sri Jeffrey Cheah with its Trust, the institution has always been committed to giving something back to the community. Even though the event is part of the student’s course requirements, we always encourage them to remember the less fortunate and so they came up with this interesting Japanese-inspired charitable luncheon,” said the Head Trainer of SHTLM, Mr. Busky Mathews Baskaran.

Prior to the event, the students interacted with the students from the G.O.L.D. programme, teaching them how to make festive cards and playing games with them. This was part of the students’ all round education to create awareness for the less fortunate and stimulate positive values for themselves.

“The knowledge and skills we learned through this project will not only enhance our experience but make us better equipped to work in the conventions and events industry,” said second-year student Clarise Ching who is also project manager of the event.

13 July 2007

Sunway Cricket Players ‘Bowled Over’ by Legend Aravinda Da Silva

Sunway University College cricket players were given cricketing tips by legendary Sri Lankan cricketer, Aravinda Da Silva during his visit to Sunway University College.

Aravinda Da Silva, the man credited with winning Sri Lanka the Cricket World Cup in 1996, bowled over the students of Sunway University College, with his encouragements and words of support.

While he signed autographs for the students, he exhorted them to practice and work harder and to make their country proud in all their endeavours. The students, which include international students from Sri Lanka, couldn’t believe their luck when they found out that they will be joined by the star during their game this morning.

“As a fan I felt most honoured to have Aravinda to teach us some pointers. I am thankful to Sunway University College for the arrangement. It is truly the best way to learn!” said Ahamed Azaam who is pursuing a degree in Information Technology under the School of Computer Technology at Sunway University College.

Sunway University College is one of the few private institutions in Malaysia that is equipped with sporting facilities such as a full-sized field and an Olympic-sized swimming pool. It encourages its students to be an all-rounder and gives out sports scholarships every year to its student athletes.