8 November 2013

Second cohort of students and alumni members joined the Sunway Mentoring Programme

Within a year of its launch, the Sunway Mentoring Programme has become the ‘talk of the town’. First launched in April this year, a second cohort of undergraduate students eagerly joined the mentoring programme in October 2013 at Sunway University. The programme launched by Ms Elizabeth Lee, Senior Executive Director of Sunway Education Group, is a one-on-one partnership between members of Sunway Alumni and LEAP Platinum students. Selected students, from bachelor’s programmes are chosen in recognition of their strong academic credentials from the various departments of Accounting, Banking and Finance, Marketing, Management, IT and Psychology. The goal of this programme is to groom students, through coaching sessions in real life situations on core competencies in the workplace. By taking students out of their structured daily classroom setting, the aim is to expose them to the constant changing pace of real life situations and to empower them with the skills and knowledge for professional and personal growth.

The Sunway Alumni mentors are selected professionals from their respective fields who bring with them a wealth of knowledge and expertise. The mentees, top students of Sunway University are equipped with strong academic credentials and classroom knowledge in their areas of study. The pairing of these two parties is hoped to create a win-win partnership that is essential to the success of the programme.