30 March 2009

Masters Validated by a Top U.K Business School at Sunway

Three well-chosen Masters specializing in Money, Banking and Finance, Management and Management with Law provided by Sunway University College and validated by the Lancaster University Management School, are excellent choices for graduates poised to make rapid progress in their careers.

The courses consist of face-to-face classes delivered by Sunway and Lancaster faculty supported by on-line learning using the Virtual Learning Environment (VLE). Each course is modular and within each module, group-based and individual activities are provided to encourage analytical thinking, reflection and evaluation. Professor John Mackness, Director of Collaborative Programmes, Lancaster University Management School said “The students are further assessed by a practical, work-based assignment, allowing them to reveal and develop their leadership talents which are just as important as honing their analytical capabilities”.

Leadership is highly regarded by employers especially in the present economic downturn. Companies are looking to develop their talent pools for their ability to plan, strategize and consolidate their position. In the UK, employers of students undergoing part-time Masters programmes at the Lancaster University Management School spoke well of them. BAE Systems said “Students think and present in a much more organised way”. Another employee, British Airways shared “Students see the bigger picture just as much as the need for local change” and Vodaphone stated, “Just the dissertation has saved us over £300,000 per annum”.

The masters provided at Sunway will comply with the same exacting standards as those of the Lancaster University Management School. Sunway is proud to be a partner with Lancaster University Management School, one of the prestigious business schools in the U.K as evidenced in the recent Financial Times Global MBA Rankings. Lancaster University Management School was placed no. 4 in the table in the company of eminent business schools such as the University of London’s London Business School in the first position, Cambridge University (Judge Business School) in second place and Oxford University (Said Business School) in third place.

The Masters in Money, Banking and Finance provides a comprehensive coverage of economic theory and advanced quantitative methods as well as analysis of financial markets and discussion of the institutional framework of the money and banking sectors. The Masters in Management will enable students to acquire a thorough grasp of areas such as accounting, marketing, strategy, economics and organizational issues. The Masters in Management with Law develops understanding of all business functions and of the complex organizational issues – particularly those with a legal aspect and provides an ideal preparation for a wide range of business and management careers, including managerial careers in the legal profession.

Candidates will take up study in part-time mode and the course duration is approximately 2 years. Classes will commence in August 2009 and will be small. Fresh graduates are encouraged to apply. Graduates will receive two certificates for the masters, one from Sunway and one from Lancaster University.

For enquiries please contact Dr Liew Yoke Ying, Director – Graduate School, email: yyliew@sunway.edu.my or Julia Chan, Coordinator – Graduate School, email: chanwm@sunway.edu.my. For phone enquiries (603) 74918622, extn: 8360 (Dr Liew) or extn: 8122 (Julia).

25 March 2009

Earth Hour

Switch off your lights and other non-essential electrical items from 8.30pm to 9.30pm and be part of the Earth Hour global initiative is aimed at showing that by working together, we can make a difference in the fight against climate change!

We welcome you to join the crowd at Sunway Pyramid on 28 March 2009, Saturday from 7.30pm to 9.30pm.

24 March 2009

VU Student Wins Discovery Trip to Melbourne

Kesego Elizabeth Poomore, student from Botswana cried tears of joy when she found that she had the winning raffle for a return air ticket to Melbourne sponsored by Victoria University (VU), Australia.

Kesego is the lucky student in the first year of the Bachelor of Business twinning programme with Victoria University at Sunway University College. Her prize includes three night’s accommodation, a guided VU campus tour and a Metlink pass to help her enjoy the delights of Melbourne. Kesego will also get to have dinner with the VU Chancellor, Hon. Justice Frank Vincent and the VUI crew.

12 March 2009

Cupcake Charity Drive: Help a Child with a Cupcake


Join our cupcake baking and decorating workshops brought to you by students from Schoold of Hospitality, Tourism and Leisure Management, Sunway University College.
  • 7th March 2009 (Session 1 – from 0830 to 1200)- Cupcakes baking with different flavors and basic frosting.- For photos og our first workshop, please go to http://picasaweb.google.com/CupcakeCD/March72009CupcakeBakingWorkshopSession1?feat=email#5310411789677417138

  • 14th March 2009 (Session 2 – from 0830 to 1200)- Themed decorating – True Love

  • 21st March 2009 (Session 3 – from 0830 to 1200)- Cupcakes baking with different flavors and basic frosting.

  • 21st March 2009 (Session 4 – from 1300 to 1630)- Themed decorating – Flower Power

  • 28th March 2009 (Session 5 – from 0830 to 1200)- Cupcakes baking with different flavors and basic frosting.

  • 28th March 2009 (Session 5 – from 1300 to 1630)- Themed decorating – Healthy Lifestyle

All 6 baking and decorating sessions will be held at: Baking and Pastry Kitchen, SHTLM, 5th Floor, North Building, Sunway University College.

High-Tea will be served after each workshop sessions (for participants only).
Goody bags containing flours and other baking items will be given to each participant before the commencement of the workshop sessions.

Participants are advised to dress in casual wear (long pants and covered shoes preferably)
Please more info, please visit us on facebook at http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=340822&op=9&o=global&view=global&subj=522840728&id=594316885#/event.php?eid=54043436169

For more information & bookings, do not hesitate to call:

Benjamin Ng at +6012-3122510 or Nurul Ain at +6013-3910406

5 March 2009

Fun-Time with Flowers..

Last Saturday, Dept of Art & Design has organized Flower Arrangement Workshop as part of their community project. It was open for staff and students and as well as for the public.. Flower arrangement has been always my passion, so I took this opportunity to enroll and learn something out of nothing.. Not forgetting the pretty ladies from the HR Dept; Carmen, Natalie, Ching Mun, Michelle, Betty and Joanne from ADTP have also joined me and few other staff..

These roses are looking so fresh..

I would say, majority of us didn’t have any basic knowledge but yet we learnt quite a lot of tips and skills from our facilitators.. We started off with learning to make corsages..

This was done by me.. Isn't that so lovely? *grins*

Pretty ladies posing with their corsages..

The facilitator has divided us into two groups since there were 20 of us in total.. One group learnt to do the bridal flower and the other was table settings.. And obviously I went for the bridal bouquet.. =P

Here are some of the table settings ready for sale.. oopss I mean ready for display...

Simple and yet beautiful table settings..

The making of bridal bouquets..

Due to time constrain, the facilitator showed demo to us on how to make a simple hand corsage..

Carmen willingly offered her hand to model this hand corsage for us..

We all had great fun-time with flowers.. Hopefully we apply what we had learnt in our daily life.. We heard Helena said might be organising another workshop and perhaps this time to learn different designs and techniques. Really looking forward for it! =P

The Department are organising part-time courses for Basic Drawing & Painting and Basic Pottery. For enquiries, contact Tel: 03-74918622 HELENA (ext. 3500, Email: helenac@sunway.edu.my).