26 May 2011

Calvin Lee win Second prize for Perdana Leadership Award

Calvin Lee Eng Siong, a final year student pursuing his BSc (Hons) in Business Management, Sunway University won the second prize for the third Essay Competition “Nurturing the Minds of Future Leaders” jointly organized by Perdana Leadership Award and MPH group. Calvin bagged RM1, 000 in cash, an e-book reader, an iPod Nano and RM250 in book vouchers for his essay on Malaysia in a Globalised World: A High-Income Status through Human Capital Development. The Essay Competition that took place between May and October 2010 also saw entries on “Vision 2020”, “Global Competitiveness” and “A High-Income Nation” as part of the competition’s theme, “Malaysia in a Globalised World”.

The winners were arbitrated by Professor Emeritus Tan Sri Dr. Khoo Kay Kim, Tan Sri Hashim Makaruddin and Dato’ Hardev Kaur.

Calvin (centre) with Associate Professor Dr Foo Yin Fah, Head of School of Business and Grace Tay.

24 May 2011

Sunway Celebrates Teaching Appreciation Day

Very often, we are driven by the passion of teaching that we often forget to celebrate this very special day. Sunway University recently celebrated the “Teaching Appreciation Day” to commemorate the dedication of our lecturers who have guided many students along the way, contributing to their successful careers.

Elizabeth Lee with Jun during the Teacher's Appreciation Day. 

Lost cash returned to student

The term” finders keepers” did not have any significance to Wong Yeng Hui and Yeo Suk Lyn as they immediately surrendered a stack of RM600 they found lying on the canopy walk to the Security Department. The two Certified Accounting Technician (CAT) students who were returning from the Sunway Pyramid Mall to Sunway University (Sunway) found the money lying on the canopy walk at 2:13 pm on 4 April 2011. At 2:20pm the same day, they made a report at the Security Department and surrendered the money to Mr Gopal Kandasamy, Manager of the Security Department.

As it was harder to identify who the owner of the cash was, the security department inspected the CCTV’s installed at the canopy walk to identify the moment Wong and Yeo picked up the money. They then backtracked and found Ngu Mei Siang, a Sunway BSc (Hons) in Accounting and Finance walking through the canopy walk with two friends not realizing her money had fallen out of her bag.

Mr Tan Kheng Loon, Mr Gopal Kandasamy, Ms Elizabeth Lee, Lim Jew Jean, Ngu Mei Siang, Wong Yeng Hui and Yeo Suk Lyn.

19 May 2011

Sunway ADTP Student’s Mini-Production First Attempt but Huge Success

The Sunway American Degree Transfer Programme (ADTP) students may be from different areas of study but when they put their heart and soul to performing, they deliver as a team. The Introduction to Theatre students, an elective offered by the ADTP came up with a mini-production consisting of three plays from an array of genres and gave their audience a brilliant production recently.

The 200 spectators that witnessed the play saw three mini-productions including a classic by Harold Pinter called ‘The Room’, a re-enactment of ‘Fatal Beatings’ by Rowan Atkinson and an original called ‘Stairway to Heaven’ by David Chia, a Sunway ADTP student.

Koh Weng Hong playing Mr Kidd in “The Room” directed by Choy Chuu Khai.

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14 May 2011

RM 5.7 Million Worth in Scholarship for Deserving Students

Sunway University (Sunway) was proud to honour over 1000 students during the recent Tan Sri Dato' Seri Dr Jeffrey Cheah Scholarship Award Presentation Ceremony in May 2011. Sunway awarded RM 5.7 million in scholarships through the Jeffrey Cheah Foundation making the total amount of contributions so far RM 66 million worth in scholarships since it was incepted in 1997 through the Sunway Education Trust Fund. The Sunway Education Trust Fund was converted to the Jeffrey Cheah Foundation in 2010 to further solidify our Founder and Chancellor's belief to transform the lives of many through the benefits of education. The recipients of the scholarship was awarded the Tan Sri Dato’ Seri Dr Jeffrey Cheah Entrance Scholarship and The Tan Sri Dato’ Seri Dr Jeffrey Cheah Continuing Scholarship.

Recipients of the Tan Sri Dato’ Seri Dr Jeffrey Cheah Continuing Scholarship waiting in line to receive their award from Mr Lee Weng Keng.

9 May 2011

Lancaster University Student Council President visits Sunway

Sunway University recently welcomed Robbie Pickles, President of the Lancaster University Student Council (LUSU) and the members of the Student Union to Sunway University (Sunway) recently. Robbie’s visit was greatly motivated by his need to understand the cultural diversity and the people in Malaysia especially after having spent a great time with 6 Sunway students who visited Lancaster University in March. Robbie who spent the 17th to the 21st of April in Malaysia said, “It was an absolutely fantastic experience to fly out to Southeast Asia to visit Sunway University. I've never left Europe before so I was very excited to travel half-way around the world”.

Robbie had the opportunity to stay in the Sun-U residence throughout his stay in Malaysia. He said, “The Hostel was absolutely fantastic! It provides a really good quality facility which the students must love- especially the outdoor swimming pool!”

Robbie Pickles (extreme left), Sarah Hinton, Heather Yates and Ben Matthews (extreme right), representatives of LUSU with Professor Robert Bignall (second from right), Vice-Chancellor of Sunway University during the visit to Sunway.

Throughout his stay, Robbie was exposed to various activities that could help him understand the students and the Malaysian culture. Since his visit was during the student council elections, Robbie presented a lunch talk to the future student leaders by guiding them and giving them a sense of direction to ensure they do their best for the student community. He also shared his personal experiences as a President of LUSU. Robbie also met with all the staff from the Sunway Services who he said was fantastic and applauded their hospitality.

When asked about the Sunway campus, Robbie said, “The campus is absolutely incredible- such an imposing building and so much more is being built whilst I was there,” referring to the expansion plan currently taking place.

Robbie especially found the people absolutely lovely. The 6 Sunway University students, Kishenjeet Nelson Dhillon, Candy Lee Ker Ching, Vanessa Ong Shu Yu, Sonia Lim Suan Li, Aruna Puspalingam and Nicholas Goh Teik Lee who visited Lancaster University in March took Robbie on a cultural experience during his visit to Malaysia. “I tried all sorts of local foods including the extremely risky ‘Durian’ fruit. I also got to spend a day sightseeing in Kuala Lumpur together with Nicholas Goh who agreed to accompany me for the day. I also had a wonderful evening out in Kuala Lumpur with Ms Elizabeth Lee (Executive Director of Sunway Education Group) who took us out for a cultural feast and then for drinks overlooking the Petronas Twin Towers”, exclaimed Robbie.

6 May 2011

Sunway University celebrates World Graphics Day

Sunway University (Sunway) paid recognition to International Council of Graphic Design Associations (Icograda) by celebrating the World Graphics Day which was on April 27, 2011 for the first time. A 3-day event in conjunction with this day had various talks, seminars and exhibitions for students to attend.

Sunway’s World Graphics Day was held to educate students on communication design and its role in other careers. The events covered different topics for the talks such as the “I am a future Toy Designer” by Luk Chee Chew, “FIABCI: Brown Paper Bag Seminar, a Journey of Pavilion through success” by Ms Joyce Yap, “Money Talks” by Khoo Kay Hong, “Motion Graphics/ Films from Malaysia’s Perspective” by Mr Hassan Mutalib and many more.

An example of Dweey that was exhibited during the World Graphic Day.

Mr Michael Goh, the President of wREGA who launched the World Graphics Day in Sunway, said “Graphic Designing does not only solve problems and fulfil an objective but make things work beautifully”. Goh gave a talk entitled “Design”.

An example of Dweey that was exhibited during the World Graphic Day.

Shortly after his talk, an exhibition called “Toys no Fun” took place. Dweey, the icon was featured in the exhibition. This white vinyl short necked- giraffe called Dweey were an inspiration of Luk Chee Chew from Fusionwave Creative Consultancy who came up with a line of functional yet artistic toys that work as name card holders or fridge magnets. From a splash of colours to an environmental friendly theme, these adorable little moulds caught the attention of many who attended the event.

Students looking at the collection of Dweey during the “Toys no Fun” exhibition.

When asked how would you customize Dweey, Winnie Choo Wai Jien, a final year student in Diploma in Graphic and Multimedia Design said, “I would make an arm rest out of Dweey that are themed in a collection of funky colours ornamented with designs on its head”. There was also a workshop on Toy Design organized by Luk to educate people on the fun and artistic elements involved in designing.

Mr Hassan Mutalib said “Every picture has a story” during his talk at Sunway University.

Mr Hassan Mutalib who has over 45 years of experience in the Malaysian Film Industry gave his audience an informative speech on Motion Graphics from Malaysia’s Perspective. Ang Tong Yin, a Lecturer of the Department of Art and Design said, “We were fortunate to have designers from various companies make an appearance in Sunway and give students an overview of their company profile and the actual work that is being carried out in the designing industry.