31 March 2008

Pam, Van and Sawaka @ Amazing G-Race

I'm usually not the star-struck kind of person. But Pamela and Vanessa of Amazing Race Asia Season 2 are just too nice and witty, that one can't help liking them.

We had the pleasant surprise of having Sawaka of Team Japan join us too, as she was visiting the sisters. Too bad we didn't know about it earlier, or we'd have prepare another bouquet of flowers for her too.

Look at Ken, one of the Amazing G-Race organisers, grinning from ear to ear. It just struck me how colour coordinated they looked!

Pam, Van and Sawaka had a few tips to share with the students including this one from Van, "Don't lose your memory!" (Van lost her memory during the race after jumping 10 meters into a swimming pool and suffering a minor concussion).

After the excitement of taking photographs, signing caps, and rubbing shoulders with the up and coming celebs, the students were rarring to go!

I don't know the outcome though. Hafta wait for Ken to reply. I wonder whether he's out of his daze yet...

UPDATES: 15 April 08 - Read Sunway's write up on the event and the winning team revealed!

27 March 2008

Pam & Van of Amazing Race Asia coming to flag off Sun-U's Amazing G-Race!

The latest news just got in! Pamela and Vanessa, the first runner up of the 2nd Amazing Race Asia, will be flagging of the Sunway University College's Amazing G-Race this Saturday! How cool is that!

For those who did not sign up for the G-Race, you can still come and ask for their autographs and drool...Flag off time is 8.45am

18 March 2008

Recruitment Week

Busy! No time to blog. Eating lunch in front of computer right now (ta pau from our cafeteria's " Bollywood Bites". Yummy. RM6.50, lots of chicken meat)

Picture entry. Clubs & Societies' RECRUITMENT WEEK!

Dunno what club this is...but got handsome guy's face:

The hao poh strikes a pose (just kidding, Wenni!):

Sorry lar. No time to come up with text for this entry. Gotta go! Event at 3pm, Meeting at 4pm. *pengsan

Who wants to help contribute to this blog? Email me! elchoy@sunway.edu.my Yes, you sense the desperation correctly!

8 March 2008

Visitors Warm to Students Performance

For many students, they learn better if they have a chance to experience something rather than to read about it. For 16 university students from Japan, Korea and Myanmar (Burma) who signed up for an off-campus educational programme in south-east Asia with Learning Across Borders, were not expecting to be swept away by the Dikir Barat performance by students and alumni of the Sahabat Society of Sunway University College

The society which promotes Malay culture put up an energetic performance as they burst with rhythmic and catchy lyrics accompanied by traditional instruments of the canang, rebana and the gong.

“It was truly an amazing performance. It was so full of spirit” said Thura, a Pre-Collegiate Programme student from Yangon, Myanmar.

After the performance the visitors had a chance to learn how to do the Dikir Barat and to mingle with the student performers. The visitors appeared to be enjoying themselves and there was enthusiastic chatter as the visiting students learnt more about the Dikir Barat and how to play the instruments. The session continued over lunch.

“I appreciate the warm hospitality of the performers” said Motoshi Kanke, a student from Keio University in Japan.

Nor Farah Farhana, a Monash University Foundation Year student of Sunway said “I really enjoyed getting to know the Japanese visitors” Her classmate, Aisyah Mahmud quipped “This was a very interesting experience and different from what we learn in class”. The 30 Sahabat Society students only had 6 days of practice with an external instructor. A few of the students composed the lyrics to their Dikir Barat.

Keiko Kobayashi, a final year Sociology student of Keio University shared “The performers are very friendly and put so much into their performance and showed how proud they were of their culture. It has been a wonderful experience”

For Dwight Clark, a former Dean at Stanford, who accompanied the visiting students, the performance was unforgettable. Learning Across Borders was initiated by Clark, in 1991 and offers answers to young people who want to combine their on-campus education with direct experience in other cultures. The visit was a good example of intercultural understanding to broaden the perspectives of students all over the world.

At the end of the visit, most of the students had exchanged email addresses with one another proving that culture is no barrier to students and diversity makes the world a more interesting and richer place.

3 March 2008

Performance + Media: Student Productions


COMING HOME by Faiq Syazwan Kuhiri

KA SI PA CEH by Zalika bte Harun

THE PURPLE LINE by Aileen Gabriella Robinson, June Wong, Aaron Wong, Khazmen Shamia

YAN SE by Grace Chua Su Shyan