5 March 2007

Vacation English School at Sunway University College

Students from the Su Won Baking and Cooking Academy in Su Won, Korea made a trip to Sunway University College not to holiday but to learn English. The three-week residential programme was held during the students’ semester break, and was run by Sunway’s Language and Compulsory Subjects Centre. It was certainly worthwhile as an eye-opener for the Korean students to be in Malaysia and to experience its rich multicultural heritage while learning English.

The 17 students were accompanied by a teacher and their principal, Mr Lee Won Young. As English is not widely spoken in Korea, the English language proficiency of the students was low. It is understood that the students were given a three-week crash course before they arrived. However, their enthusiasm levels were high as they were very eager to practise their spoken English with others.

The Korean students with similar English proficiency levels were placed into groups for their written classes, which were held in the mornings and the students combined together as a whole for oral classes which took place before lunch. The afternoons were dedicated to workshops and the students were given access to computers.

As a break from routine, the Korean students were taught English through the singing of English songs and the reading of English poetry as well as role-play. Sunway’s School of Hospitality, Tourism and Leisure Management treated the students to two workshops on Dining Etiquette & Wine Appreciation and Pastry Making. The purpose was to encourage them to use the English language in practical and familiar contexts.

There was also time out for rest and relaxation for the Korean students when they were taken to Sunway Pyramid and to a local Pasar Malam (night market) by student ambassadors. These ambassadors, current students of the Intensive English Programme at Sunway University College, came from Uzbekistan, Indonesia, Korea and Malaysia. They added an international element and enriched the Korean students’ experience at Sunway.

The Vacation English School ended with a graduation during which the Korean students and the Sunway student ambassadors put up an impressive concert to show off the Korean students’ newly acquired English speaking skills.

“The students thoroughly enjoyed their time at Sunway and their confidence in the use of the English language has been boosted through this unique experience.” Said Mr Lee Won Young. “We hope that more Korean students will take advantage of such a wonderful programme here at Sunway,” he added.

1 March 2007

Victoria University MBA Students : Making an Impact on Society

What better way to learn something than to actually experience it first hand. This was just what students of the Victoria University, Melbourne (VU) MBA programme at Sunway University College did. The students, who are all working adults and members of the VU MBA Club have organised many events, including community support and field trips to factories and corporations.

As part of management in a modern environment, corporate social responsibility (CSR) is an issue of increasing importance. CSR aligns the interests of the corporation to that of society. As such, the VU MBA Club organised a charity event recently at the Rumah Hope in Paramount Garden, Petaling Jaya. The objective was to remind students of their responsibility to society. Rumah Hope provides shelter, love, care, peace and security for 60 orphans, abandoned and/or abused children. It is managed by a group of dedicated volunteers from all walks of life.

Despite the VU MBA students’ busy work schedule, 13 of them took time off to participate in this worthy event which included planning and conducting various children’s games, distributing goodies and foodstuffs, and even providing a free hair-cut service to the children!

Henchard Too, President of the VU MBA Club, said, “Remembering the less fortunate and giving back to society is an essential part of being a good person. Even though we are working adults in the corporate world, there is always room to help the less privileged which is all a matter of choice and will. The business world must not forget that it owes its living to society. Organising this event helps our members to put their education and work objectives in perspective vis-à-vis those of society”. Support to charity homes and charitable activities by the Club is organised at least twice annually.

Where academic aspect of education is concerned, field trips enhance learning. In this regard, the VU MBA Club recently organised a visit to Asian Composites Manufacturing Sdn Bhd in Kedah, which manufactures composite material products for the aerospace industry. Students had the opportunity to observe a lean manufacturing set up; how parts flow in single part orders along moving lines in lay-up cells through autoclave, trim, paint, assembly inspection, test and finally to shipping. They had also been briefed on the Company’s quality and operation systems.

Jeannie Ng, Vice-President of the VU MBA Club, said that “This visit was very informative and relevant as it gave us, MBA students, a practical perspective to the theory we learn in class. It contextualised our learning, in terms of understanding and application of knowledge, in a practical scenario”.

The Head of the VU MBA programme at Sunway University College, Stanley Yeow, said that nurturing the MBA student into a holistic person, both in terms of academic education and being a responsible citizen, is what is needed today. He added that learning at the MBA level needs to be orientated towards the discovery and practical application of new knowledge within the framework of CSR. This has been the aim of the VU MBA programme at Sunway University College from the outset.