31 December 2009

Students remember Yasmin

Amir Muhammad’s latest book is simply titled “Yasmin Ahmad’s Films” and was launched at Sunway University College recently. The venue was a natural choice as it was here that Yasmin spoke to students in May 2009 on “What makes Yasmin Yasmin?”. Sharifah Amani, the actress who played Orked in Yasmin’s films was present and declared Amir’s book officially launched.

Sharifah Amani declaring Amir’s book launched

Students recall vividly how Yasmin gave a memorable and captivating talk on the state of film-making in Malaysia, overcoming cultural barriers and her inspiration for her films. In just two months after her talk at Sunway, Yasmin passed away.

As a friend and fellow filmmaker of Yasmin’s, Amir gave a personal look (with quite a few tangents) at Yasmin’s 6 feature length films, Rabun, Sepet, Gubra, Mukhsin, Muallaf and Talentime as well as several of her popular commercials in his book. The book which is described as “chatty and informative” is a tribute to one of Malaysia’s most amazing daughters.

Amir speaking about Yasmin 

Amir Muhammad is a Malaysian writer, publisher and occasional movie-maker and has been writing for the Malaysian print media since the age of 14. His films and documentaries have been shown in many international film festivals including Sundance and Berlin. Two of them, “Lelaki Komunis Terakhir” and “Apa Khabar Orang Kampung”, are banned in Malaysia. He is the compiler of the best-selling series “Malaysian Politicians Say the Darndest Things”. In 2007, he set up Matahari Books to publish non-fiction and film-related books on Malaysia.

Elizabeth Lee (left) and Amir inviting others to have a JCo green tea doughnut which was Yasmin’s favourite snack for her and her crew during filming

All the royalties from the first edition will be donated to the Mercy-Yasmin Fund for Children.

30 December 2009

Crime prevention and youth get together

Sunway University College, the Malaysian Crime Prevention Foundation (MCPF), Selangor Chapter and the Royal Malaysian Police (Selangor Contingent) jointly organised a one-day "Psychological Crime Issues in the Modern World" workshop recently. This workshop for university students was organised with the objective of exposing students to issues on personal safety, commercial, cyber and organised crime so they may gain a better insight on crime prevention.

Students meeting a friendly cop at the Police Booth of the workshop
Students meeting a friendly cop at the Police Booth of the workshop 

The workshop attracted 240 students from tertiary institutions including private institutions such as Taylor's University College, Nottingham University and Monash University. Tan Sri Dato' (Dr) Ramon Navaratnam who is also Pro-Chancellor of Sunway University College attended the workshop on behalf of the MCPF.

Mr. Ryan Connoly of Team Cymru Asia gave a talk on "Preventing Cybercrime" followed by Sunway's academics, Assoc Prof Teoh Hsien-Jin on "Organised Crime and Terrorism" and Mr. Paul Linus on "Current Perspectives on the Law and Commercial Crime Prevention". The floor was livened by an open Forum: Creating Safer Cities, chaired by Sunway's recent Psychology graduate, Maziar Daghighi Masouleh. Students took full advantage of the workshop to ask pertinent questions and share their views. A Wall Mural drawing session and Police Booths were the peripheral activities of the workshop.

(left to right) Ryan Connoly, Maziar Daghighi Masouleh and Paul Linus participated in the Forum
(left to right) Ryan Connoly, Maziar Daghighi Masouleh and Paul Linus participated in the Forum

The Chairman of the MCPF (Selangor Chapter) is Y.Bhg Tan Sri Dato' Seri Dr. Jeffrey Cheah who is also Chancellor of Sunway University College. He shared "By adopting a strategy of training young people to become active participants in this fight for safer cities, we are showing that we do care. We are declaring our faith in their capacity to help free us from the scourge of crime. As Malaysia's future leaders, it is important that you begin to understand how our community works and how to keep it safe and secure".

30 November 2009


Established in 1987, Sunway University College has grown and achieved much in the last twenty-two years. The quality of our education is respected both at home and abroad. Our student population is made up of more than 70 different nationalities from around the world and to date we have over 9,300 students on campus. We have exceptional teaching staff, each a respected member of the community. And we still continue to touch the lives of all who pass through our halls in pursuit of the best education available.

The explosive growth in the student population continues with the addition of new graduate schools and the expansion of the undergraduate programs. To meet the demands of the healty growing student population, major expansion plans have been put in place.

The East Building (completion November 2009)

The university is presently constructing a new 19 classroom block to be completed by November 2009 and fitted out for use in January 2010. The new East Building consists of classrooms suited to fit 35 – 60 students. Some of the bigger classrooms have operable partitions to double up as examination halls. A link bridge connects this block to the existing main campus building.

The International Students Office (ISO) and International Education Centre (IEC) (completion October 2010)
Sunway University College’s steady growth in student population especially in the international arena well justifies for a new and modern 2-storey fully glass building to be constructed to house the ISO and IEC services. This piece of modern architecture is an exquisitely designed glass  building, which is environmentally friendly. It allows refreshing natural lighting to enter the building. An impressive open concept is also adopted to create a sense of luscious spaciousness to better serve the needs of international students in the campus.

The Graduate School (completion June 2011)

As the institution’s vision is to be the “Harvard of the East” and to provide world class learning experiences, plans are also in place to construct a Graduate School a la Harvard concept. The Graduate School hopes to be the focus point for Harvard Alumni to conduct their conferences, programs and events. This centre will consist of a 150 seat lecture theatre and 2  auditoriums for 80 pax in tiered semi-circle seating formation. There is also a landscaped breakout courtyard, pre-function areas, discussion and lecture rooms. It will also be equipped with up to date facilities and sound systems.

The 12-storey New Academic Block with 2 Basement Levels and a Mezzanine Floor as well as a 2-level Basement Car Park (completion end 2013)

One of the foremost driving forces for Sunway University College to expand is its goal of substantially increasing the scope and strength of its undergraduate programs. This is also timely as we are going to embrace the full-pledged “University” status which we hope to achieve in 2010. Plans are on the drawing board to construct a new 12-storey academic block and a 2-level basement car park. The 12-storey academic block will house the interdisciplinary undergraduate and new graduate programs. The more than 550,000 sq. ft academic block is planned to accommodate at least another 9,000 student population. The 2-level basement car park is constructed below the soccer field. This basement car park consists of about 1,000 parking bays. This parking facility will be available to both staff and students. The design development of this project is on going and the targeted completion date is end 2013. Adhering to the government’s call for more environmentally friendly buildings, the 12-storey academic block and multi-level basement car park is going for the Green Mark Singapore and Green Building Index (GBI) Certification. The environmental friendly design and concept in construction incorporates energy and water efficiency. It also includes innovation for good natural lighting and ventilation systems for a sustainable green environment.   

The Phase 2 Campus Expansion (2018 and beyond)

With these plans on the way, it is the visionary plan of Tan Sri Jeffery Cheah, the founder of Sunway University College to have 30,000 students on board the campus in 20 years. With this vision in mind, space has also been allocated for the Phase 2 expansion development of another new multi-level 3-block academic building situated at the back of the East Building mentioned earlier. Planning will take place after 2013 and completion by 2018.

The 5,000 Seat Auditorium (completion mid 2014)

Ambitious plans of our distinguished founder, Tan Sri Jeffery Cheah also calls for the construction of  a 5,000 seat prestigious auditorium equipped with the most modern and premier state-of-the-art facilities and AVA system.  This auditorium will be one of the most outstanding in Malaysia to house graduation ceremonies and world class events like the Cats musical, EL Divo standard, grand soprano performances like the late Pavarotti kind of acts and symposiums.

The Multipurpose Sports Complex (completion mid 2014)

A Multipurpose Sports Complex will be built adjoining to the 5,000 seat Auditorium. This Sports Complex can be used for both indoor sporting facilities and Sunway University exams and events appropriately. The Sports Complex is planned to sit for a 1,000 capacity.

The new Sunway International School (SIS) (Commence construction end 2011 and completion in 2013)
Tan Sri Jeffery Cheah’s passion for education has also driven him to venture into primary and secondary school international standard education. The birth and maiden launch of Sunway International School (SIS) in end 2007 was a breakthrough in the Sunway Group being the sole provider of an internationally recognized Canadian primary and secondary education in Malaysia.

Plans are also in progress to design a new Sunway International School (SIS) to house a capacity of 2,000 students. This school will have a modern and contemporary design with boarding school facilities. The other facilities available will be a lap pool, multipurpose hall cum gymnasium, cafeteria and library. The construction is targeted to commence end 2011 and completed in 2013.

Sunway University College is most fortunate to have this 20 year master plan in place to stay ahead to cope with the challenging and volatile changes in the education scene. The growth and progress of this university is attributed to our Founder’s vision to bring the university to an even higher level in the world’s education arena.         

25 November 2009

Back to school for wine enthusiasts

The School of Hospitality, Tourism and Leisure Management at Sunway University College organised an excellent Food and Wine Pairing Workshop recently. The four hour workshop was followed by a dinner at its fine dining training restaurant, so participants could see their food and wine pairing theories learnt earlier, being put into practice. The workshop was open to the public and attracted approximately 30 participants who were a mix of students, Sunway staff and secondary school counselors and teachers.

Participants getting a taste of the workshop

F&B Coordinator, Daniel Chong of the School gave an enlightening presentation that included fascinating facts about wines as well as explaining the theory behind food and wine pairing. The workshop offered a tasting of 6 different wines of different grape varieties and from different parts of the world, old world as well as new.

Chong said “I hope this workshop will enable participants to use the right jargon when talking about wines so that they can impress others and also know how to select the right wine to go with a meal”. He added “The wines were specially purchased by our School and not sponsored which is very important so that participants can learn about wines from a totally neutral position”. The spectacular 6 course dinner had dishes that utilized Asian spices and Asian herbs so that the participants could see the how wines can be paired with spicy dishes. The dinner which featured pigeon with Szechuan pepper, Alaskan crab soup, cod fish with “daun kaduk” and lamb curry were beautifully accompanied by wines selected by Chong who has an Advanced Level Wine Trainer Certificate from the Wine and Spirit Education Trust (WSET), U.K.

Dimitriy Sinkov from the Ukraine, a second year International Hospitality Management Degree student at Sunway, who was at the workshop shared, ”The workshop was fantastic and definitely interesting and it was a good experience for me”. His classmate Arjun Dev Chadha from India enthused, “I found the workshop really educational and it taught us about stuff we did not know about”.

The students of the School of Hospitality decorated the black and white restaurant in the theme of “Vintage Christmas”. Some students provided entertainment in the form of live music and solo singing. Degree students were involved in organising the workshop and dinner. Head Chef, Patrick Siau, supervised the students’ well-executed preparation and production of the dinner.

24 November 2009

Outstanding Achiever Awards 2009


Our Heartiest Congratulations to our A-Level students who received Outstanding Achiever Awards 2009 by the University of Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) based on the June 2009 examination results.

Top in Malaysia, AS Level:
Ng Hui Sin for Accounting
Oh Coyin for Biology
Thong Ming Sen for Law

Top in the World, AS Level:
Oh Coyin for Physics
Sarah Chew Jiak Sian for Psychology

Well done! Congratulations too, to the A-Level lecturers, S. Jeyanthi, Nesa Ramani Ganesan, Rajesvaran Murugan, T. Alagarajah and Ida Ngui for their tireless dedication and guidance.

5 November 2009

Saluting Exceptional Students


The Tan Sri Dato’ Seri Dr. Jeffrey Cheah Scholastic Award recipients and representatives with Professor Robert Bignall, Vice-Chancellor, Sunway University College (9th from left)

This year's second Scholarships & Awards Presentation at Sunway University College awarded close to RM2 million in scholarships through the Sunway Education Trust Fund to 285 recipients. Earlier this year in May, Sunway awarded a total of RM3.1 million in scholarships to 785 students. The total that the Trust has dispersed since it was incepted in 1997 is RM50 million in numerous scholarship ceremonies.

The latest Chancellors Scholarship recipients, Lee Ker Ching (right) and Vanessa Ong Shu Yu (left) with Puan Sri Datin Seri Dr. Susan Cheah, the wife of the Chancellor of Sunway University College

The Sunway Education Trust Fund has recently been converted to the Jeffrey Cheah Foundation to further solidify Sunway University College’s Founder and Chancellor's beliefs in the life-changing benefits education. The Foundation seeks to receive and administer funds for educational, scientific, medical and charitable purposes including scholarships based on merit and to those in need of financial assistance.

The ceremony saw scholarship recipients being awarded in five categories that spanned academic achievement, sports and ECA. There were also two Chancellors Scholarship recipients Lee Ker Ching reading the Bachelor of Science Accounting and Finance and Vanessa Ong Shu Yi who is pursuing the Bachelor of Science Psychology. This special scholarship is funded by both Sunway University College and Lancaster University to encourage academic achievement in the Lancaster validated and Sunway developed honours degree programmes in business, computing, psychology, hospitality and tourism management.

(left to right) Ronald, Regina, Puan Khairul Bariah Binti Abdul Rahman, Area Manager, CIMB Bank Berhad; Elizabeth Lee, Executive Director, Sunway University College, Abdulhalim and Nur Hidayah

Sunway University College in collaboration with CIMB Bank Berhad also presented the Sunway University College CIMB ECA Achievers scholarship to academic achievers who involve themselves in ECAs. The recipients were Ronald Soo Ki-Meng, Director of the Sunway University College Student Council 2009 and President of the Swimming Club. The other was Regina Choo Jia Ling, Deputy President of the Sunway University College Student Council 2009. The Sunway University College Sports Scholarship was presented to 17 students who have been active in sport or played sport at state or national level. The Sunway University College–CIMB Sportsman Award recipient was Abdulhalim Abdullahi Liman, Captain of the Sunway football and futsal teams while the Sportswoman award went to Nur Hidayah Binti Adam, a national bowler and President of the Sunway Bowling Club.

3 November 2009

MOA Signed Between Sunway-TES & Institute of Internal Auditors Malaysia


(from left to right) Ms. Elizabeth Lee, Executive Director of Sunway University College, Mr. Teo Ee Sing, Executive Director of Sunway-TES, Mr. Walter Sandosam, Chairman of the Academic Relations Committee of IIA Malaysia and En. Hashim Mohammad, President of IIA Malaysia

Sunway-TES, a subsidiary of Sunway University College, has recently sealed an agreement with The Institute of Internal Auditors Malaysia (IIA Malaysia) to be the only tuition provider of the Certified Internal Auditor (CIA) qualification in Malaysia. With the Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) signed, Sunway-TES will collaborate with IIA Malaysia in preparing the internal auditors in Malaysia to attain a globally-recognized CIA qualification.

The MOA was signed on 21 October 2009 by Mr. Teo Ee Sing, Executive Director of Sunway-TES and Mr. Walter Sandosam, Chairman of the Academic Relations Committee of IIA Malaysia. This significant moment was witnessed by Ms. Elizabeth Lee, Executive Director of Sunway University College, and En. Hashim Mohammad, President of IIA Malaysia. Also present at this memorable event was Professor Robert Bignall, Vice-Chancellor of Sunway University College, Mr. Richard Chambers, the President of IIA Global, U.S., and Mr. Joseph Lim, CEO of Sunway College Kuching.

The CIA is a certification and a professional development programme offered by the Institute of Internal Auditors, U.S.A for auditors who wish to enhance their competency and professionalism required in the field of Internal Auditing. The demand for the CIA professionals is high, given the amendment of the Malaysian Code on Corporate Governance that requires all listed companies on Bursa Malaysia to set up their respective internal audit functions. Also, there is a need to constantly meet the global professional standards issued by the Institute of Internal Auditors.

In Sunway-TES, students of the CIA programme are given the opportunity to study the CIA exam materials in a structured manner. They are guided by a team of highly qualified CIA trainers who will not only help the candidates to pass the exams required for certification, but expose students to the best internal audit practices and global standards.

To find out more about the CIA programme, contact Sunway-TES at 03-74918622 ext. 3309 (Ms. Juliana) / 3734 (Mr. Alex Lee) or email enquiries to alexl@sunway.edu.my.

30 October 2009

Graduation Ceremony Celebrates Efforts of Top Students and Those Who Are Financially Disadvantaged

The Sunway University College Graduation Ceremony 2009, held at Sunway Resort Hotel and Spa recently, saw recipients being conferred their degrees and granted their diplomas by its Chancellor, Tan Sri Dato' Seri Dr Jeffrey Cheah, AO.

Computing degree graduates holding their two scrolls from Lancaster University (red) and Sunway University College (blue)

This year, there were 381 graduates and diplomates from which 86 were Business, Computing and Psychology graduates of the joint honours degree programmes developed by Sunway University College and validated by Lancaster University since 2006. Among the 86 were 33 graduates who earned a first class honours degree. Professor Paul Wellings, Vice-Chancellor of Lancaster University, was present to confer the Lancaster University scrolls to the proud graduates.

Professor Wellings said “I am delighted to be here in Malaysia to celebrate the results of the Lancaster/Sunway partnership. I am particularly pleased that 80% of the cohort have received a higher second or first class degree. These results are a real tribute to the quality of the students and the hard work that they have put in and give the students a real advantage in realizing their future ambitions”.

Community Scholars Graduating : (Left to right) Jagadesan, Azerena, Reenuka A/P Appalanaidu, Theresa Jerome, and Khalid bin Zainal Abidin. Absent, Emmanuel Yong

The ceremony also witnessed six community scholars receiving their scrolls under the Tun Omar Ong Yoke Lin Community Scholarship, a scholarship programme for the financially disadvantaged. This scholarship is funded by the Sunway Education Trust which was recently converted to the Jeffrey Cheah Foundation. One of the community scholars is Azerena Nediba A/P Zainal Abidin, who is of orang asli parentage. She received a Diploma in Hospitality and Tourism Management. Another community scholar who performed well is Jagadesan A/L Chandra Mohan who graduated with a First Class B.Sc (Hons) Information Technology and is the first in his family to graduate with a degree.

Jagadesan (centre) with (left to right) Lee Siok Ping , Director of Students Services, Lee Chee Loi, Executive Director of Malaysian Care, Rev. Esther Alfred, Malaysian Care and Elizabeth Lee, Executive Director, Sunway University College
Jagadesan who hopes to help others like him said “I’m grateful to the lecturers who have been very helpful to me as well as Malaysian Care and Sunway University College. Without them, I would not have been able to achieve this”.

22 October 2009

Wine & Food Pairing Workshop @ SHTLM


School of Hospitality, Tourism and Leisure Management (SHTLM) of Sunway University College proudly organises "Wine & Food Pairing Workshop" and it's happening on 21st Nov 2009..
Book early for some rebates!

For further details of the workshop please contact Janny at 016-2366682, Zin at 016-3202417

See you there!

21 October 2009

Two Times in a Row!


Gan (left) with his drawing and Susan Phua, a GMD lecturer

Gan Soon Bing won again in the Tanjong Heritage 2009 art competition. Last year he won first prize in the watercolour category for his pointillism rendition of a Chinese temple. This year he wins the second prize for his uniquely angled pencil drawing of fishermen in Port Dickson in the charcoal/pencil category. Gan completed his diploma in Graphic and Multimedia Design this year and is now working with an advertising agency. Not bad Gan!

Invitation For Brown Bag Lunch Talk

Brown Bag Lunch Talk

“Educated in Deep Doctorateland:
A personal narrative of the theory and practice of a research doctorate”
By Dr Stephen Hall

Date: 22nd October 2009
Venue: Auditorium 4
Time: 1pm – 2pm

The work involved in gaining a doctorate is substantive yet full of personal learning, very real challenges and delights. This talk will be a personalized narrative of Dr Stephen Hall’s post graduate study, drawing on both theory and the “nuts and bolts” of gaining a Doctorate. Stephen’s research is ‘a qualitative study of the opening phases of cross cultural in service teacher training interaction in rural Malaysia,’ yet colleagues from other disciplines may benefit from the presentation of the research process. The talk will describe ‘tricks of the trade’ for obtaining a Doctorate, while working and staying sane in a busy educational environment.

Dr Stephen Hall is the Director of the Language and Compulsory Studies Centre, Sunway University College, Malaysia. He was a Project Manager for four years, working with the Malaysian Ministry of Education on rural English language teacher training. His doctorate from University of Leicester focuses on in-service teacher training and cross cultural issues. Previously, he was a corporate trainer and managed Language and Communication, Temasek Polytechnic, Singapore. Earlier, he was a teacher educator ASEAN wide, while based in Singapore and has taught at tertiary, secondary and primary levels. He has published English for Tourism textbooks, and edited texts on lesson planning and English for Specific Purposes. He is s frequent conference presenter as well as a writer on task-based learning, spoken grammar and teacher education.

Due to the overwhelming response, the deadline for the RSVP has been extended for another day. Interested parties, please RSVP latest by: 21st October 2009 (3pm) to lindyg@sunway.edu.my  

*Light lunch will be served*

*This talk is open to the public, students, staff and community of Sunway University College*

Sunway University College Scholarships & Awards Presentation Ceremony 2009


We are proud to announce our second ceremony for this year's Scholarships & Awards Presentation on 24th October 2009, Saturday at 10 am. At this ceremony to be held in the Multi Purpose Hall, 4th Floor (North Building), we will be awarding close to RM2 million in scholarships through the Sunway Education Trust Fund to 285 recipients. Earlier this year in May, Sunway awarded a total of RM3.1 million in scholarships to 785 students under the Tan Sri Dr. Jeffrey Cheah Continuing Scholarship and the Tan Sri Dr. Jeffrey Cheah Entrance Scholarship.

The Sunway Education Trust Fund will soon be converted to the Jeffrey Cheah Foundation to further solidify our Founder and Chancellor's beliefs in transforming education. The Foundation seeks to receive and administer funds for educational, scientific, medical and charitable purposes including scholarships based on merit and to those in need of financial assistance.

19 October 2009

Floral Arrangement Workshop


Manchester Business School, UK Delivers Module for JPA

Manchester Business School (MBS), UK was selected to deliver the Business Module of the 18th JPA-BMCC Management Development Programme for 12 senior managers from various Malaysian Government Ministries and agencies. Three participants were from Government Linked Companies (GLCs) and two from INTAN. Manchester Business School Worldwide, Malaysia Centre at Sunway University College, a partner of MBS UK assisted to make this module a success.

The business module was led by Professors Dr. Mohamed Djeddour, Head of the European Centre for Management Education, MBS and Dr Rui Manuel Vinhas Da Silva, Professor of Marketing Communication and Branding, MBS. The theme was “A Sense of Urgency in Enhancing Service Quality Delivery” and the module was held at the Selesa Beach Resort in Port Dickson, recently.

Dr Djeddour shared his expertise and experience on various aspects of Strategic Management, Cost Advantage & Differentiation Strategies and Balance Scorecard. Dr Da Silva focused on the marketing approach, specifically Understanding Service Markets, Products and Customers, Service Design & Standards and Communication in Service Industries. These concepts were later applied in the group discussions and the presentation of case studies across a range of sectors including airlines, retail and insurance. Case studies on the Balanced Scorecard in the public sector were also discussed.

Head of the MBSW, Malaysia Dr Marie-Aimee Tourres said “The module received excellent feedback from the participants”.

Participants Hajah Nor Aini Haji Ab. Talib and Norlin Jaafar shared “We have been able to share the experience and expertise from our respective fields even though we are all from different backgrounds and we also had the opportunity to put forward new ideas for continuous improvement in our respective working environments. Today’s `State of the art` process may become tomorrow’s out-of-date obstacle and as such, continuous improvement helps us to anticipate and meet the customer’s current and future requirements”.

Three participants made a visit to the UK and were attached with the Manchester Business School for a short period as part of the programme.

Professor Dr Rui Manuel Vinhas Da Silva (seated, extreme left) with the participants

14 October 2009

First Engineering PhD as a Connection with Sunway


In 2001, Mark Ng Kok Yew was in the Monash University Foundation Year (MUFY), a pre-university programme at Sunway College before it became Sunway University College. He then went to do an engineering degree at the Monash University, Sunway campus.

In just eight years, he made news, when he became the first graduate from Monash University campus in Bandar Sunway to be conferred a PhD in engineering and the first PhD graduate who completed full tertiary studies at Monash University, Sunway campus. He was conferred his degree and title in September 2009.

Mark is currently an engineering lecturer at Monash University Sunway Campus and is part of the Robotics, Automation and Manufacturing (RAM) Research Group. He is actively conducting his research in the area of Fault Detection and Isolation (FDI). He recently presented his research findings at international conferences, such as the 2007 International Conference on Control Applications (IEEE) in Singapore and the 2008 International Federation of Automatic Control (IFAC) in Seoul, Korea.

“I would very much like to see my theoretical work evolve and be implemented onto practical applications, with hope that it could improve the stability, safety and also the reliability of the systems,” he explained.

A MUFY lecturer at Sunway University College, Helen James, who taught him English, has this to say about Dr. Ng.

“Mark was a pleasure to teach. He was a teacher's dream student – someone with an inquiring mind, hard-working and very, respectful. With such an attitude towards his studies and people in general, it really is no surprise that he has reached such heights.”

Advising younger people, Dr. Ng said: “It’s not easy to make a choice sometimes, but I guess I made a right decision when I chose the MUFY programme because it provided me with the foundation that I needed for my undergraduate degree at Monash University. The curriculum was very well organized and I did not face any major difficulties in my studies, transiting from my foundation year at Sunway to Monash.”

Ninth Impressive Performance by MUFY Sunway University College


MUFY Top Scorer Chew Weng Chuen (right) with Lee Weng Keng, CEO, Education & Healthcare Division, the Sunway Group

Chew Weng Chuen, a student of the Monash University Foundation Year, pre-university programme at Sunway University College did Sunway University College proud by achieving the highest overall score in the June 2009 exams. His score was ranked the highest among all the providers of MUFY in the world, namely Taylors College Melbourne in Australia, Jakarta International College in Indonesia, Vientiane College in Laos, ANC Sri Lanka, Sunway University College and Sunway College, J.B.

For his outstanding performance, Weng Chuen received the Monash Excellence Award at the recent MUFY Graduation Night and this makes him the ninth winner from MUFY Sunway out of the ten times that the award has been presented. Weng Chuen has been awarded a full scholarship to read engineering at Monash University, Sunway campus.

In the same exams, MUFY at Sunway clinched twenty Monash Subject Awards. The Monash Subject Awards are presented to the students who score the highest mark among all the providers of MUFY in each of the subjects offered.

Nine students qualified for Monash University entrance scholarships to pursue undergraduate studies at the Australian university.

Recently, the Chancellor of Monash University, Australia, Dr Alan Finkel paid a visit to Sunway University College. During the visit he spoke to a packed auditorium of MUFY students, on how the university plans to move forward.

Dr Alan Finkel speaking to Sunway University College MUFY students

12 October 2009

Kudos to Qu Hsueh Ming for His Outstanding World-Class Performance!

The Sun-U A-Level Programme is proud to announce the emergence from its ranks of yet another world beater!

First, in June 2006, there was Qu Hsueh Ming the pre-university graduate par excellence with a perfect 5A showing in the renowned Cambridge A-Level Examination.

Then, in September 2006, there was Hsueh Ming the Oxford-bound soon-to-be scholar of Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE), with impressive oratorical skills to boot, ready to mingle with Britain's best.

Today, there is Qu Hsueh Ming, B.A. (Oxon) in PPE, First Class. And deservedly honoured by the famed Oxford University as the crème de la crème of its Philosophy adherents.

Kudos to Hsueh Ming for his outstanding world-class performance! Kudos also to the dedicated team of A-Level educators who set him on his journey there!

8 October 2009

14 Students Given USD118,000 per annum in Scholarships, Transferred to the Land of the Free


The WMU Presidential Scholars (except student in front row, third from left) with WMU staffs Cathleen Fuller (6th from right), Dr Craig Kaml (5th from right) and Mr Kirk Sundling (2nd from left)

12 students of the Sunway University College American Degree Transfer Program (ADTP) have each been awarded Presidential Scholarships worth USD8,000 per annum from Western Michigan University (WMU). Among them is the past President of the ADTP student committee Foo Kok Seong, who has chosen to study engineering. Foo played a large role in organizing the ADTP Twilight Carnival 2009 which raised funds for the Vivekananda Home in Rembau. WMU has been a twinning partner of the Sunway ADTP since 1987.

Apart from WMU, two other US universities awarded scholarships to Sunway ADTP students. Anjuli Rabindranath was a recipient of a scholarship from Illinois Institute of Technology to study chemical engineering. The scholarship is valued at US$12,000 per annum. Alvin Tan is studying business administration on a Community College Leadership Award valued at US10,000 per annum, from the University of Missouri, Kansas City. This scholarship is awarded to students who have demonstrated leadership ability through co-curricular activities.

Some other students are to be congratulated too for transferring to good US universities which are well-known for the programs they offer. Ahmad Safianu Saleh from Nigeria is pursuing aviation at Embry Riddle Aeronautical University in Florida, a top aviation university in the US. Sean Shao Chi Yap, (who had deferred his studies from an earlier intake) is pursuing film production at Chapman University in Orange County, California. Lau Jann-Lim, who was Vice-President of the ADTP Student Committee transferred to New York University located in the “Big Apple” which is New York City. Lau is thrilled that New York University is 5 minutes away from Wall Street and he is majoring in Finance.

30 September 2009

Sun-U 350 Registration


Date: 24 October 2009
Time: 9 a.m.  
Venue: Sunway University College
Action: 350 Youth Formation

For any enquiries, click here or 
SMS "350" "Your Name"  "Message"  to 016 - 369 3000

16 September 2009

School of Hard Knocks

Have you ever reeled in fear and disbelief after reading story after story about crime in the newspapers?

Marc-André Plouffe, a Canadian lecturer in the Canadian International Matriculation Programme, at Sunway University College decided to do something about this. Marc and his two colleagues, Sumathy Ramasamy and Yvonne Woi enlisted the help of Victor Ooi, a black belt martial artist to conduct a self-defense workshop for female students at Sunway.

35 students turned up for the day-long workshop. The participants were first given lessons on possible dangerous scenarios. The workshop mainly unveiled the use of one’s body as a “weapon” in an unexpected threatening situation. This included slapping and how to use knees or elbows and other practical self-defense tips. The issue of date rape was also brought to the table and discussed in terms of understanding and preventing such a danger.

CIMP student Nadia Tan said “It was an interesting workshop. One never knows when something bad will happen and I am now more conscious about people around me and more careful to survey the situation around me to avoid dodgy people or situations”

Marc-André Plouffe shared “We really hope that this workshop has benefited our female students, by making them more aware of their personal safety when going about their usual activities therefore allowing them to feel more secure and confident when on their own”.

15 September 2009

Tan Sri Jeffrey Cheah Distinguished Speakers Series lecture on 2 October 2009


Greetings from Sunway University College!

Yet another enlightening public lecture under our Tan Sri Jeffrey Cheah Distinguished Speakers Series is taking place on Friday, 2nd October 2009.

This time around, we bring to you Dr Cheong Choong Kong, Chairman of OCBC Singapore, who will share his experiences on “Singapore Airlines - The Early Days”.

More details of the event are in the poster below.

Interested participants will have to reserve their seats by calling 03-74918622 Ext 8141 / 8130 or email jacql@sunway.edu.my / simpsonk@sunway.edu.my.

Thanks & Regards,

Jacqueline Lim / Simpson Khoo
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10 September 2009

Workshops That Bridge The Gap

An introduction to the Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) Skill Transfer Workshops for SMEs was launched by the School of Computer Technology of Sunway University College recently.

The objective of these workshops is to foster better and closer ties between institutions of higher learning such as Sunway University College and commercial companies. The workshops, an initiative of the School, will enable companies to familiarize themselves with the School’s new development of ICT technologies and new ICT products available for application. Invited speakers from the industry could also share their approaches of successful implementation of ICT projects, their needs and strengths to the students. By doing so, the workshops become a platform for Sunway students to understand the requirements of the real world.

At this introductory session recently, Mr Loke Sim Fatt, Chief Operating Officer of the England Optical Group Sdn Bhd spoke about “Benefits of Interns to SME and IT Collaboration with Universities” and Ms Lee Yin Jye of Solution Architect, SAP Malaysia gave a talk about “Emerging Technologies & Solutions for SME from SAP”.

The School took the opportunity to unveil its Consulting, Collaboration and Commercialization (CCC) Lab and also introduced the SCTNET portal which showed companies the benefits of using this portal. The CCC Lab supports the strong research focus of the School and showcased its research initiatives in the areas of Network and Ubiquitous Computing, Multimedia and Information Systems, Intelligent System and Robotics Engineering as well as Database Technologies and Software Engineering. The School has begun offering the MSc in Computer Science (by research) and the MSc in Mobile Systems for about a year now.

These workshops in general serve as a platform for companies to collaborate with the School. Collaboration opportunities include bridging the skills gap between the School’s curriculum and market needs and access of companies to a pool of student interns which is helpful for them to identify good potential employees.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Lim Tong Ming, Head of the School of Computer Technology said “These workshops are a win-win situation for both companies and students. The interaction serves to enhance product and knowledge dissemination for students and in return we can fine tune the practical skills of our students to match the requirements of the industry. Furthermore any newly developed technologies and products will be introduced to the participating companies who will have the first opportunity to further develop them”.

Ms Lee Yin Jye, of Solution Architect, SAP Malaysia speaking during the workshop

Some of the facililties in the CCC Lab

3 September 2009

Building Resilience and Entrepreneurship Among Youth


Left to right, Professor Robert Bignall, Vice-Chancellor, Sunway University College with Puan Yahurin and Elizabeth Lee at the launch

Sunway University College was proud to join hands with the Ministry of Higher Education Malaysia to initiate the 1Malaysia Entrepreneurship Month. This event was a series of workshops, sharing sessions, talks, business games and social events for students held in the weeks leading up to Merdeka.
It was organised with the objective of providing a platform for enterprising youth to exchange ideas and find relevant support and guidance in starting their own business in our great country. Sunway University College realizes that the key to sustainable growth in Malaysia is to develop the spirit of entrepreneurship amongst our youth who will become tomorrow’s leaders.

Among the notable and successful entrepreneurs who inspired the Sunway students were Ng KhaiLee, Co-founder of YouthAsia and two Sunway alumnus i.e George Ang, Group Managing Director and Co-Founder of Revenue Valley Sdn Bhd (that owns Manhattan FISH MARKET, Tony Roma’s and TOKYO-g) and Kid Chan, Celebrity Photographer.

George Ang, shared insights and tips on entrepreneurship

Xandria Ooi, also a Sunway alumna who is a TV host, journalist and emcee spoke earlier to students about her own experiences from her days fresh out of university into the entertainment industry during her book launch. Her new book is entitled “Love, Work and Everything in between”.

TV host, journalist and emcee (and Sunway alumna) Xandria Ooi (2nd from right) met with Sunway students after giving her talk

The finale of the event was an Entrepreneur Exchange Night with guest Vishen Lakhiani, founder of MindValley who is major influence in the field of personal development. He shared his entrepreneurship tips with the students in a speed networking activity.

Elizabeth Lee, Executive Director of Sunway University College said during the launch “In today’s uncertain economic situation, it is even more vital that we imbue in our students, a more resilient and adaptable mindset so they may rise to the challenges of our times”. The guest of honour Puan Yahurin Mohd Yassin, Senior Assistant Director, Development & Student Affairs Division, Ministry of Higher Education, Malaysia added “Equipped with current knowledge and new ideas, one can be on the look out for more opportunities even when times are bad”.

Battle of Wits

Oxford University Malaysia Club, the Cambridge University Malaysia Society and the Oxford & Cambridge Society Malaysia together with Sunway University College (Sunway) organised the third Cambridge vs. Oxford Student Debate recently.

This clash of the two university titans involved mainly debaters who are Malaysian students studying in Oxford and Cambridge back here for their summer holidays. The Cambridge team was the Government (proposer) and the Oxford team was the opposition. The motion was “This House believes that Youth should stay in Malaysia”. As would be expected these students with a promising future ahead of them, battled it out with a mastery of the English language and hammered out their well-conceived points. Each team was made up of 3 debaters, one of whom was a guest debater from Sunway who was a member of the Sunway University College International Debating Society.

After a debate which showcased the oratorical skills and nerves of steel of the students, the judges declared the Cambridge team as the winners. The best speaker was William Chan Guang Yu, who is a first year law student at Trinity College, University of Cambridge. William has a Cambridge Union Diploma in Debating under his belt.

Ainaa Azhar (guest debater from Sunway) battling out during the debate

Ainaa Azhar, guest speaker for the Oxford team is an A-Level student at Sunway University College. Ainaa was commended by the judges for her clarity of speaking. The other guest speaker was Yuventhiran S/O J.Nadarajan, an ACCA student from Sunway who was with the Cambridge team. Yuventhiran is the President of the Sunway University College International Debating Society and has taken part in a number of debates before.

William Chan, who is doing his internship with a law firm in Kuala Lumpur said “It was a good debate and it was great that we had a chance to collaborate with Sunway”.

The Speaker of the House was Dr. Stephen Hall, Director of the Language and Compulsory Studies Centre, Sunway University College. The Chief Adjudicator was Tan Sri Dato’ Dr. Lin See-Yan and the other two adjudicators were Dr Lee Su Kim and Ms Margaret Kaloo.

Dr Goh Cheng Teik (left) Board Member Sunway University College and Past President of the Oxford and Cambridge Society Malaysia with the champs, the Cambridge team (from left to right) Yong Jing Ting, Yuventhiran s/o J.Nadarajan and William Chan Guang Yu

After the debate, four other Malaysian students, two each from Cambridge and Oxford University respectively, spoke candidly about life at Cambridge and Oxford. It was an interesting, personal account that gave prospective students a good glimpse into student life at the two elite universities. The Oxford and Cambridge Society Malaysia is proudly celebrating its 50th Anniversary this year. Among the objectives of the Society is to promote social, recreational and cultural activities between past and present members of the two universities, in Malaysia and to further the interest of the two universities.

2 September 2009

Read Blaze Magazine and Win Dining Vouchers!

Read “Nothing fishy” about the amazing success story of casual dining mogul George Ang, a Sunway alumnus in the latest Blaze magazine.

George is giving away Manhattan FISH MARKET, Tony Roma’s and TOKYO-g vouchers to those lucky enough to be picked after answering the questions correctly.

Look out for the contest form in the above Blaze magazine (Issue 10).

Copies are available at the Sunway University College campus.

Answer question 3 and if George likes your answer you may have a chance to dine with him.

25 August 2009

"Teenagers and Social Problems" Symposium - A Platform for Action


Sunway University College’s Sahabat Society (Malay Students Society), SUCI Society and the Language and Compulsory Subjects Centre in collaboration with the Ministry of Higher Education organized and hosted a Family Symposium with the theme “Teenagers & Social Problems.

The symposium delved into the social influences that have changed the belief system of teenagers in this fast changing world. In particular the symposium highlighted the problems created by social pressures and influences that challenge the beliefs and morals of teenagers. It is hoped that through this, there will be more awareness of these issues and for teachers, parents and young people to play a role that may help to address and overcome these challenges.

Presentation by members of the Sahabat Society, Sunway University College during the symposium

About 400 participants attended the event. 230 were from Sunway University College and there were 150 teachers from the Petaling Utama secondary and primary schools and 50 others from the private and public higher education institutions around Malaysia. The symposium brought together students, parents, lecturers and the public in lectures and a no-holds-barred panel forum.

Elizabeth Lee, Executive Director of Sunway University College said, “Parents and lecturers who come into contact with teenagers have a vital role to play as do friends and the community. Their bonds of friendship, care and understanding may help to curb delinquency, low self-esteem, anger and other issues that may be the underlying cause of problems. I hope this symposium empowered you to do just that”.

(left to right) Puan Yazilmiwati bt Yaacob, Elizabeth Lee, Executive Director, Sunway University College and Prof Dr. Mohd. Fauzi Bin Hj. Ramlan, Pengarah Bahagian Hal Ehwal dan Penbangunan Pelajar, Ministry of Higher Education, Malaysia

The guest of honour was Professor Dr. Mohd Fauzi Bin Hj Ramlan who officially launched the symposium. The sponsors of the event were Ministry of Higher Education, Majlis Agama Islam, Selangor, Utusan Publication Sdn Bhd, Syarikat Galeri Ilmu Sdn Bhd, Sahabat Society Alumni and Pejabat Pelajaran Daerah Bahagian Petaling Utama.

14 August 2009

The Cambridge vs Oxford Student Debate 2009

This the third time Sunway University College organising this event jointly with the Oxbridge Society Malaysia, Cambridge University Malaysia Society (CUMaS) and Oxford University Malaysia Club (OUMC). Most of the debaters are Malaysian students who are currently studying in Oxford and Cambridge. They will share about their Oxbridge experiences as well. Apart from Dr Stephen Hall, Director of Language & Compulsory Subjects Centre, who will moderate the debate as the Speaker of the House, we have the privilege of having three well-known personalities gracing the event as our venerable judges this year:

  1. Tan Sri Dato Dr Lin See Yan (President, Harvard Club of Malaysia)
  2. Associate Professor Dr Lee Su Kim (renowed Malaysian writer)
  3. Mrs Margaret Kaloo (Principal of ELC International School)
We are also proud to announce that Sun-U students will be involved in this debate. All three are members of the Sun-U International Debating Society:

  1. Yuventhiran J. Nadarajan (ACCA)
  2. Ainaa Hafizah (A-Level)
  3. Christabel Ng (A-Level)
Do come and give your support to this event!