30 November 2009


Established in 1987, Sunway University College has grown and achieved much in the last twenty-two years. The quality of our education is respected both at home and abroad. Our student population is made up of more than 70 different nationalities from around the world and to date we have over 9,300 students on campus. We have exceptional teaching staff, each a respected member of the community. And we still continue to touch the lives of all who pass through our halls in pursuit of the best education available.

The explosive growth in the student population continues with the addition of new graduate schools and the expansion of the undergraduate programs. To meet the demands of the healty growing student population, major expansion plans have been put in place.

The East Building (completion November 2009)

The university is presently constructing a new 19 classroom block to be completed by November 2009 and fitted out for use in January 2010. The new East Building consists of classrooms suited to fit 35 – 60 students. Some of the bigger classrooms have operable partitions to double up as examination halls. A link bridge connects this block to the existing main campus building.

The International Students Office (ISO) and International Education Centre (IEC) (completion October 2010)
Sunway University College’s steady growth in student population especially in the international arena well justifies for a new and modern 2-storey fully glass building to be constructed to house the ISO and IEC services. This piece of modern architecture is an exquisitely designed glass  building, which is environmentally friendly. It allows refreshing natural lighting to enter the building. An impressive open concept is also adopted to create a sense of luscious spaciousness to better serve the needs of international students in the campus.

The Graduate School (completion June 2011)

As the institution’s vision is to be the “Harvard of the East” and to provide world class learning experiences, plans are also in place to construct a Graduate School a la Harvard concept. The Graduate School hopes to be the focus point for Harvard Alumni to conduct their conferences, programs and events. This centre will consist of a 150 seat lecture theatre and 2  auditoriums for 80 pax in tiered semi-circle seating formation. There is also a landscaped breakout courtyard, pre-function areas, discussion and lecture rooms. It will also be equipped with up to date facilities and sound systems.

The 12-storey New Academic Block with 2 Basement Levels and a Mezzanine Floor as well as a 2-level Basement Car Park (completion end 2013)

One of the foremost driving forces for Sunway University College to expand is its goal of substantially increasing the scope and strength of its undergraduate programs. This is also timely as we are going to embrace the full-pledged “University” status which we hope to achieve in 2010. Plans are on the drawing board to construct a new 12-storey academic block and a 2-level basement car park. The 12-storey academic block will house the interdisciplinary undergraduate and new graduate programs. The more than 550,000 sq. ft academic block is planned to accommodate at least another 9,000 student population. The 2-level basement car park is constructed below the soccer field. This basement car park consists of about 1,000 parking bays. This parking facility will be available to both staff and students. The design development of this project is on going and the targeted completion date is end 2013. Adhering to the government’s call for more environmentally friendly buildings, the 12-storey academic block and multi-level basement car park is going for the Green Mark Singapore and Green Building Index (GBI) Certification. The environmental friendly design and concept in construction incorporates energy and water efficiency. It also includes innovation for good natural lighting and ventilation systems for a sustainable green environment.   

The Phase 2 Campus Expansion (2018 and beyond)

With these plans on the way, it is the visionary plan of Tan Sri Jeffery Cheah, the founder of Sunway University College to have 30,000 students on board the campus in 20 years. With this vision in mind, space has also been allocated for the Phase 2 expansion development of another new multi-level 3-block academic building situated at the back of the East Building mentioned earlier. Planning will take place after 2013 and completion by 2018.

The 5,000 Seat Auditorium (completion mid 2014)

Ambitious plans of our distinguished founder, Tan Sri Jeffery Cheah also calls for the construction of  a 5,000 seat prestigious auditorium equipped with the most modern and premier state-of-the-art facilities and AVA system.  This auditorium will be one of the most outstanding in Malaysia to house graduation ceremonies and world class events like the Cats musical, EL Divo standard, grand soprano performances like the late Pavarotti kind of acts and symposiums.

The Multipurpose Sports Complex (completion mid 2014)

A Multipurpose Sports Complex will be built adjoining to the 5,000 seat Auditorium. This Sports Complex can be used for both indoor sporting facilities and Sunway University exams and events appropriately. The Sports Complex is planned to sit for a 1,000 capacity.

The new Sunway International School (SIS) (Commence construction end 2011 and completion in 2013)
Tan Sri Jeffery Cheah’s passion for education has also driven him to venture into primary and secondary school international standard education. The birth and maiden launch of Sunway International School (SIS) in end 2007 was a breakthrough in the Sunway Group being the sole provider of an internationally recognized Canadian primary and secondary education in Malaysia.

Plans are also in progress to design a new Sunway International School (SIS) to house a capacity of 2,000 students. This school will have a modern and contemporary design with boarding school facilities. The other facilities available will be a lap pool, multipurpose hall cum gymnasium, cafeteria and library. The construction is targeted to commence end 2011 and completed in 2013.

Sunway University College is most fortunate to have this 20 year master plan in place to stay ahead to cope with the challenging and volatile changes in the education scene. The growth and progress of this university is attributed to our Founder’s vision to bring the university to an even higher level in the world’s education arena.         

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