5 January 2010

VU students on exchange get a bonus

Four students in the Victoria University (VU) Bachelor of Business twinning programme in Sunway University College will be off to their mother campus in Melbourne, Australia in the middle of February 2010 to do a semester (about 5 months) of their studies in VU Australia. What the four did not expect was that they were each given a grant of AUD5,000 by VU Australia to cover airfare, accommodation and other expenses relating to their studies.

VU students, Left to right : Vicky Riana, Fannie Chandra, Ng Mun Foong receiving the grants on behalf of the exchange students, from Prof Robert Bignall, Vice-Chancellor, Sunway University College. Second from right is Mustafa Yurukoff and extreme right is Saw Siu Siu.

Saw Siu Siu one of the four students, who is a Malaysian said “I was happy to be allowed to go to Australia and now I am really shocked but elated to receive this grant. We currently only pay the equivalent in Malaysian ringgit for our fees and now everything will be paid for us by VU Australia”

Ng Mun Foong also a Malaysian said “We are all excited and can’t wait to go to Australia to find out the difference between studying the VU programme in Sunway and in Australia. We plan also to participate in all the activities and learn more about Australian culture”.

The other two Australian-bound students are Vicky Riana and Fannie Chandra who are both from Indonesia.

An Australian student, Mustafa Yurukoff, a third year business student from VU Australia was an exchange student doing the reverse, studying a semester in VU at Sunway. He has just returned to Melbourne, Australia. Mustafa who sat four examinations here said “It was the best time of my life. I love Malaysia and the people are friendly. I like the warm weather. It felt like a home away from home”. Commenting on the programme here, he shared “I found the lecturers here friendly and approachable. I have made a lot of friends here and they made my experience here worthwhile”.

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