21 April 2011

Sunway College: HR head fulfills dream with an MBA

Betty Lai, Director of Human Resources cum Facilities of the Sunway Education Group at the Sunway College campus, was among the proud graduates of the Victoria University MBA twinning programme (offered at Sunway) recently.

Lai (centre) with daughter Kimberly and husband Ng Kong Poh

An MBA was something that Lai always wanted to pursue but kept on postponing for many years, 20 years to be exact. “Going back to school after so long was a challenge in itself but not as challenging as giving up all free time on weekends to focus on studies” she said. Lai had to sacrifice spending less time at shopping malls, less time on favourite Korean dramas and less time with her daughter and family during weekends. On the flip side, “I have gained immensely – meeting new and younger friends, having intellectual discussions with them, learning new things and spending spare-time productively”, she intimated.

Lai also considered herself, lucky to have her family’s support and the full support of her bosses and colleagues. “Where work was concerned, I had a well-trained and committed team to carry out functions according to processes which ensured that work was not halted because of me enrolling in an MBA”. The VU MBA programme’s structure certainly helps working adults with work and family commitments to manage their time accordingly.

On the VU MBA, Lai said “The case studies provided for discussions in the VU MBA were interesting, current and challenged one’s thinking. Apart from that, the team assignments tested our ability to work with others. It also provided an opportunity to know what others were doing in different industries and the thinking mode of people at different age levels. This is good practical training for working adults”.
Lai also highlighted the other interesting benefit which was that she had the opportunity to be on the other side, to see what lecturers had to go through when they are dealing with students. I also had first had experience of what our students may feel about our teaching staff and facilities. “All these are important to me in my role as the HR Director in this institution” she enthused with a smile.

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