14 February 2015

Fantasy Food and Hotel Paradise at Sunway University

Sunway University Marketing Research Poster exhibition grew bigger and stronger! The 4th exhibition themed “Fantasy Food and Hotel Paradise” was the biggest showcase of students work thus far organised under Sunway University Business School (SUBS) with the combined effort from Department of Marketing and Centre for Tourism, Hospitality and Culinary Management.

This event exhibited 13 weeks of research work and findings completed by BSc (Hons) Business Studies, BSc (Hons) International Hospitality Management and Diploma in Business Administration students. This project is assessed as part of their modules including Marketing Research, Marketing Communication, Revenue and Profit Management, and Hotel Accommodation Management.

Fioone Wong (last row, fourth from right) and the organising committee of the 4th Sunway University Marketing Research Poster Exhibition with Derek Ong (last row, third from left), Senior Lecturer from Department of Marketing (last row, third from left) and Rita Lo (last row, third from left), Teaching Fellow from the Centre for Tourism, Hospitality and Culinary Management

“We have been hosting such marketing exhibition for the last three semesters. So far we have seen fantastic work from students, which proves our exhibition as a good learning platform for students in understanding their topic. This time we have decided to combine two departments under SUBS on this project to save resources and most importantly for better students’ exposure,” said Dr Derek Ong Lai Teik, Senior lecturer, Department of Marketing.

Centre for Tourism, Hospitality and Culinary Management students with Derek Ong (fifth from right) and Rita Lo (sixth From right) at the 4th Sunway University Marketing Research Poster Exhibition

Indeed, the exposure was impactful. Not only students were able to think outside the box and organise a unique opening ceremony with students dressing up with costumes, role playing different nationalities and modelling food from different countries, students were able to apply what they have learnt from textbooks on their showcased projects. “Applying the conceptual model of service quality, a business theory developed in 1985, on cafes in Klang Valley, we were able to make the business sense out of our research – what are the factors of service qualities in independent cafes affecting customer loyalty amongst Gen Y patrons,” said Julian Lee Zu Yao of Bsc (Hons) Business Studies and president of Sunway University Marketing Society.

Students dressing up to showcase their research work at the 4th Sunway University Marketing Research Poster Exhibition

Students from Centre for Tourism, Hospitality and Culinary Management also experienced similar exposure. The group comprising Cho Young Kwang and Yoo Hyejeong from South Korea; Nguyen Minh Chau from Vietnam; Ng Kae Jing and Yap Fong Uin studied Hilton’s operation and practices. They uncovered more facts about Hilton such as factors affecting Hilton’s room rates via primary research such as interviews and surveys with Petaling Jaya Hilton’s employees compared to literature review, and concluded that Hilton is the leading international hotel chains due to its understanding of its competitors and keeping up with the latest management trends.

Julian Lee (second from right) and his team showcasing their research work on cafes in Klang Valley

Aside from attaining better understanding of their research topics, students picked up new transferrable skills. Fioone Wong Siang Niang, treasurer of Sunway University Marketing Society and the project leader of the exhibition believed that honing her communication skills is the most valuable gain for her as she was able to persuade and secure sponsors of the exhibition in forms of food vouchers and drinks.

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